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Cat fleas cannot fly

Itchy cats: Don’t give anti-flea treatment first

Because cat fleas are such a predominant feline health issue, there might be a tendency among cat guardians to presume that their cat has fleas when they start scratching themselves because their skin is...

Cat fleas don't fly

Should I shave my cat to get rid of fleas?

To the question in the title the answer is a resounding No despite the understandable urge to get rid of the habitat within which the flea lives. There are better and more effective methods.

Insecticide toxic to cats

The flea spray which poisons cats

A flea spray based upon the naturally occurring insecticide, pyrethrins, is being pulled from supermarket shelves in Australia after adverse reactions by cats. Pyrethrins are poisonous to cats whether they are natural or synthetic....

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