Pictures of black Peterbald kittens

These are interesting photographs of what I believe to be black Peterbald cats from Russia. They are young and the breeder and photographer is: Светлана Лютова. She refers to them by cat fancy code: PBD, which is probably the WCF (World Cat Federation) designation. She has a FB and Instagram page. Don’t expect the …

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Flashy *Kahlua* Buggsey   All the Peterbald studio photographs on this page are by Helmi Flick © copyright Helmi Flick – please respect copyright. All the smaller photographs, including the three above, are thumbnails leading to great large format photographs – enjoy. Kahlua the cat in the middle photograph is THE INTERNATIONAL CAT ASSOCIATION’S …

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Peterbald Cat

More on the appearance of this cat. These are my comments made in reference to the TICA breed standard, focusing on the outstanding features as I see it. As I have mentioned elsewhere on this website breed standards are normally in words, without reference to illustrations, so I hope that you find this page …

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