Pictures of black Peterbald kittens

These are interesting photographs of what I believe to be black Peterbald cats from Russia. They are young and the breeder and photographer is: Светлана Лютова. She refers to them by cat fancy code: PBD, which is probably the WCF (World Cat Federation) designation. She has a FB and Instagram page. Don’t expect the …

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Feline Hypothermia and Frostbite

The winter has been brutal in Midwestern United States, I am told by the newspapers online. The subzero temperatures are far lower than any that we experience here in the UK. Midwestern United States is an area which is towards the top and the middle of the US. The region consists of 12 states. …

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Freaky Facebook Felines

Is Facebook (FB) the right place for cat breeders to advertise and sell their cats? Assuming, that is, you agree that there should be cat breeders in the first place. I was surprised to discover that there are a lot of breeders marketing their cats on Facebook. This is not about meeting and communicating …

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