Nauseating picture of a cougar strapped to a Lamborghini

Rich sport hunter ties his shot cougar to the back of his Lambo

This is a personal tirade. Almost a rant. Sorry, but this man’s behavior makes me angry. He appears to have asked his wife (or a friend) to photograph him with his son as he holds the head of the cougar that he just shot dead on a hunting trip. A very pleasant (not) family …

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Can coyotes climb trees to catch cats?

Leading coyote gets cat in tree

Coyotes kill an awful lot of domestic cats in the US each year but we don’t know how many. They are probably America’s greatest predator of family cats and a reason why many keep them inside permanently. I have seen instances of domestic cats escaping coyotes when they climb a tree and I have …

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Dr. Turner Butts enjoyed shooting a leopard in Africa

American doctor enjoys shooting a leopard dead

Dr. Turner Butts, DPM, FACFAS, is a native of Houston, Texas, and a graduate of the Ohio College of Podiatric Medicine in Cleveland, Ohio. He completed his three-year residency at Huston Podiatric Foundation where he was the Chief Resident in his third year. He joined the Foot and Ankle Centres in 2003. This center …

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WARNING: Animals targeted by Hamas terrorists (video)

Israeli soldier cradles a frightened kitten during the Hamas-Israel war of October 2023

This is difficult reading and viewing but we have to face up to it. We have to face the harsh reality of what we are doing. Innocent animals and children are the most tragic victims of this war. I have to issue a warning for this video. The warning is not present on YouTube …

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Texas shelter employee arrested and charged with killing kittens using blunt force trauma

Gabriel Caswell accused of killing many kittens at an animal shelter

NEWS AND COMMENT-Weatherford Parker County Animal Shelter, Weatherford, Texas, USA: This is a very disturbing story. It reminds me of the Lucy Letby story in the UK; the nurse who is serving a whole life sentence for killing babies in a hospital. In this instance, the above-mentioned shelter hired Gabriel Caswell as an animal …

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Pet cats missing after homeless encampment bulldozed in San Jose, California

Clearing out the San Jose encampment

NEWS AND VIEWS – SAN JOSE, UNITED STATES: Nathan Winograd has told me about a news item which is concerning to animal advocates. The NBC video covers it nicely. And the video mentions the problem with disappearing cats. Nathan Winograd summarises it nicely too: The recent sweep of a homeless encampment in San Jose …

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Cat cut in two at Montparnasse station (Paris): railway company SNCF sued

Neko was the victim of the indifference of SNCF agents and died crushed by a train.

This cat news story has two aspects. Firstly, it concerns the violent death of a domestic cat travelling on a train with their owner. The cat escaped from their carrier while the train was at Montparnasse station and went on to the tracks. The railway company, SNCF, is accused of refusing to do what …

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North Korea is hell on Earth for cats and dogs

North Koreans are starving to death thanks to his policies

For three and a half years North Korea has been shut off from the rest of the world. The Covid-19 pandemic started the process. But before that they were an unknown nation. Except for the little man with a funny haircut. The world knows his appearance rather too well because he likes to develop …

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