LA Animal Care & Control gives rescuers only 2 hours to commit to rescuing orphaned neonatal kittens

The Los Angeles County Department of Animal Care & Control is giving rescuers only two hours to commit to rescuing orphaned neonatal kittens before putting the kittens to death. See infographic below for full statement from Nathan Winograd. Sadly, despite some good research I can’t find more and I can’t subscribe to Winograd’s website …

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Can newborn kittens hear?

Newborn kittens are totally deaf or nearly deaf for a short while.

I believe that the answer to the question is more nuanced than you will see on many websites. At the time of writing this, October 1, 2023, the top ranked site according to Google states that for the first four days kittens are both blind and deaf. And the pet MD website states that …

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Is the kitten healthy? Check list infographic.

Is the kitten healthy?

Click the infographic below for a larger version. It covers the essential basics in order to assess your chosen kitten for health which is the number one criteria when adopting a kitten and assessing the breeder’s integrity whether they are professionals or informal breeders.

P.S. There is a counterargument for adopting an unhealthy kitten! The objective is to save the kitten and dramatically improve their lives. The effort driven by altruism and a desire to help the less fortunate will be rewarded in a closer than normal bond which adds to the pleasure that the relationship brings.

Comments are welcome! Personal stories of kitten adoption are instructional. Please share.

Why do some cats like to take walks with their owners?

Gabs, my cat, joins me in buying the newspaper at 6.30 am

Cats take walk with their owners because they are behaving as a developing kitten would when they follow their mother from the nest in their development towards independence. It often happens along a well-worn path or track which is known to the owner and becomes known to the cat. Please read on. On this …

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Kitten’s cry versus baby’s cry

Kitten Crying

A kitten’s cry to demand something or other, usually warmth, food and security is more attractive than the baby’s cry. Discuss! Both the kitten’s cry and the baby’s cry are sounds which get the maternal and paternal juices flowing normally. It doesn’t always apply. Not everybody has the usual maternal instincts. There is a …

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How to give a kitten milk replacement formula

Dog bottle feeds kitten and warms up the milk at the same time

I am taking this information exclusively from the work of four veterinarians in writing the reference book Cat Owner’s Home Veterinary Handbook. It is an excellent book. I don’t have personal experience of feeding kittens with milk replacement formula. Kittens can be fed milk replacement using a special pet nursing bottle or the commercially …

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Kitten feeding station, breast feeder containing milk formula in action plus formula info

Kittens suckle at an artificial feeder

I’ve never seen this device before probably because I don’t breed cats! Bringing cats into the world is a big decision and responsibility. The video is quite nice and interesting. Notice how the kittens’ ears move backwards and forwards in sync. with their sucking. I guess the muscles employed to suck the milk also …

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Ring toss game – the prize is a live kitten. Cruel and exploitative.

Kittens exploited as toys in a game in China

NEWS AND VIEWS – Xianyang, Shaanxi, China: The tweet says: “Ring toss game – the prize is a live cat. A stall set up with kittens in cages. The temperature was very high, and the kittens were kept in cages without water to drink. Some even fainted. Animals aren’t toys”. Sigh. I’ve seen so …

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