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Why do you think my cat won’t play with his toys if I put them away? — 3 Comments

  1. My cats love laser pointers i can run it up and down the long hall and they merrily chase it. I always end with a wand toy that they can catch, bite and claw followed by some canned food. Several of my cats are stalkers and may watch a toy being flung about for eternity before making one brutal attack and then hiding again to repeat the process. We must understand that even though it seems pointless to continue to shake the feather stick that the cat is completely engaged.

  2. Quick answer; because you put them away. My babies hide them and bring them out at appropriate times. They are thoroughly insulted when I move the hiding places. They also fetch them when they want them. Maybe mine are strange.

    • I think yours are very advanced players! But yes, putting them away is going to stop them. That said cats tend to stop anyway after a fairly short time in my experience. Thanks RM.

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