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Woman preoccupied with herself does not realise her Siamese cat is stressed and unhappy — 8 Comments

  1. Sorry to post again the same night and same subject, but after listening to the woman’s “air-head” complaint about her cat, I agree with you, she’s too clueless to be responsible for any pet!

  2. Perhaps that self-absorbed woman, as you term her, is self-absorbed enough, and has the means to avoid housework by hiring a housekeeper who can also be company for the cat while the mistress is away during the day.

    • I sense that her budget is tight! And I wonder if she is in a position to have a cat companion. There are too many cat owners who are not best placed to have a cat and therefore there are too many cats who live lives that are less than happy.

  3. Hey Mike looking at the cats belly it looks like maybe it had been recently spayed. Looking closely at the fold on her stomach the fur looks shaved off to me. I use 2 vets for spaying and one shaves them nearly bald and into the top of the leg, while the other vet just does the stomach area. But you could be right.

    • Sorry but I disagree,I adopted my ‘Reesy’ who passed away a few yrs ago and after I got her she started over grooming and I suspect it was because she was stressed by my other cats,she was hissy towards them and finally took her to my vet and she concured my Reesy was acting out by over grooming so I got her a calming collar and Feliway plugins and it worked,the siamese cat is doing the same thing,also I assisted in spays for our local SPCA SNIP program and females are not shaved up to their front legs only half way up on their bellies.

      Beth needs to rehome her cat because as long as she puts her needs before her cat this will not stop.

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