Woman preoccupied with herself does not realise her Siamese cat is stressed and unhappy

Stressed Siamese cat caused by poor cat caregiving

Yes, I am being provocative and a little tough but sometimes you have to be. The video on TikTok tells me very strongly that this owner (Beth) does not realise that her Siamese cat which cost her $600 (cheap) is unhappy because he or she is stressed. In the video Beth is seen running …

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Infecting your cat with stress through pandemic upheaval

Julia Bramble and Smudge

The Covid pandemic caused upheaval in the lives of cat caregivers; both at the beginning, during it and at the transition coming out of it. Each stage of the pandemic resulted in change to the lifestyles of cat owners. And any change to a domestic cat’s environment is likely to cause stress in the …

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