Woman preoccupied with herself does not realise her Siamese cat is stressed and unhappy

Stressed Siamese cat caused by poor cat caregiving

Yes, I am being provocative and a little tough but sometimes you have to be. The video on TikTok tells me very strongly that this owner (Beth) does not realise that her Siamese cat which cost her $600 (cheap) is unhappy because he or she is stressed. In the video Beth is seen running …

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Mars State of Pet Homelessness Index – measuring success and failure in pet domestication

Stray cat and dog fed the same food

Mars Petcare have created a useful and interesting index which pulls together information about homeless cats and dogs in 9 countries. They used more than 200 global and local sources. They researched attitudes towards cat and dog ownership. Germany comes out on top while India is bottom. The index provides a score as to …

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Elderly woman wants her beloved cat back because new owner is in breach of contract

Cat being petted.

Syracuse, NY: An elderly woman, Carol Money, felt that she had to give up her beloved Norwegian Forest Cat, Lacie, because at 72 years of age Carol was no longer able to lift her cat onto her bed to allow her to sleep with her at night, an activity her cat loved. She relinquished …

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Riser Recliner Chairs Can Crush Pets

By Mary Lou Conton My beloved 10 year old, 18 lb Cairn Terrier, Harley, who grew up around Recliner Lift chairs (riser recliner chairs) somehow got swept under my mothers lift chair August 15, 2014 and was crushed to death. I am devastated, my mother is as well. This picture shows the style of …

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Can you fall out of love with your cat?

You’ve lost that lovin’ feeling with your cat. It’s worse. You dislike your cat. It’s actually worse than that; you wish your cat was dead. She’s become old and ill. There’s the vet’s bill. It can get expensive looking after an old cat with a chronic and incurable illness. You’re busy and you now …

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