Sometimes cats don’t know when you are coming home but they wait for hours behind the door

Cat howls when left alone for 30 minutes and carries a lead in their mouth

I will tell you why a lot of domestic cats give the impression that they know when their owner is coming home. They don’t know exactly when their owner is coming home. They might have a clue plus or minus an hour or two. That’s if their owner follows a routine. But if they …

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Cat Spraying and Elavil

Elavil for anxious cats sometimes. Last resort.

The cat stuff Unusually (perhaps not that unusually, in fact) cat spraying and Elavil may go together. Cat breeders will suffer the consequences of male cats spraying as it is part of their natural way to mark territory and is part of the way cats communicate as they have a fantastic sense of smell. …

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How long can I leave my cat ‘home alone’?

Cat buddies looking out the window as it rains outside

It is a bit like asking how long is a piece of string because the answer is dependent on many factors. The most important of which is the nature and character of the cat and their routines. What are they used to? What do they like? They may be a largely outdoor cat who …

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Woman preoccupied with herself does not realise her Siamese cat is stressed and unhappy

Stressed Siamese cat caused by poor cat caregiving

Yes, I am being provocative and a little tough but sometimes you have to be. The video on TikTok tells me very strongly that this owner (Beth) does not realise that her Siamese cat which cost her $600 (cheap) is unhappy because he or she is stressed. In the video Beth is seen running …

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Why is my cat anxious at night?

Yowling at night

Firstly, you got to be sure that your cat is anxious. You might be mistaken. But anxious cats tend to vocalise their anxiety through yowling at night or meowing. And they might find it difficult to settle down and therefore restlessness is a reasonable symptom of anxiety. Or a cat might hide to feel …

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Transitioning for cats and humans from lockdown life to the real world

Cat home alone

There is talk of anxieties in people and pets at the end of the Covid social distancing lockdowns which have been implemented in many countries. They are going to be separated after 18 months of being together far more often. Both parties to the relationship are going to be pulled away from each other. …

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Guy says: “This year has been rough so I adopted this cat and things have been better”.

Man with cat snuggling up

The statement sums up the benefits that living with a domestic cat companion can bring you. “Snuggle cats” is a nice phrase which conjures up the sweet, tender moments that you spend with your cat when he or she is lying against you or on your lap. You slow down immediately. When your cat …

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Workers won’t return to the office which is good for their pets and bad for the economy

Working from home

In the UK, there is an advert in the London Underground system. It advertises a disinfectant manufactured by Dettol. The advert encourages white-collar office workers to go back to the office because of the advantages. It promotes the pleasures of the average working day in the office which includes banter with your colleagues at …

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