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Infographic on feline weight control

Infographic on feline weight control

A tetchy topic. I mean: it can make people tetchy because at the end of the day feline obesity is down to people. The poor cat is the long-suffering victim. That’s hard to bear...

Ideal weight cat

How can I tell if my cat is overweight?

Here are some easy, home diagnostic checks to assess domestic cat bodyweight. There seems to be a problem with a lot of cat owners being unable to assess whether there cat is overweight or...

Gabs sleeping on a book to keep cooler

Average weight of a cat

This is such a wide-open question as to be almost meaningless. The weight of a cat depends upon its species, its gender, whether they are obese or anorexic and where they live. Have you...

Chonky gray cat with lead on treadmill to try and lose weight

Social media craze for chonky fat cats

NEWS AND COMMENT: There is an online craze on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram for pet owners to show off their fat cats and dogs, or other pets. It’s a dangerous...

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