Australia does have a problem with Cats Dom and Feral

by Puppet

I love Cats, I prefer a cat over a dog any day. However in Australia the cat is the perfect killing machine. It is in their nature to kill. In Australia their are no real predators against them (except for people of course). The destruction cats have caused to the native population here is huge. Their are so smart and adapatable the wild life in Australia has no chance. I state again I love cats, however I do not like the destruction they cause. People who own cats in Australia should keep them indoors and have cat runs for them . It is the irresponsible people who dump cats in the bush and owners of cats who let their cats out of the house that are the problem.

You can not stop the basic nature of this animal to hunt and kill. It is that simple. It may not be liked the reality but it is true. When I had cats I was one of the stupid people who let their cats outside. I was at least 4 times a week given a bird or rat by my cat as a present to my back door. Then I started to realise myself if this is what a “well loved domesticated cat does in an urban area what are wild populations doing?”

Endangered animals in Australia especially the smaller kind are locked away in huge areas of land that has been cleaned of any feral animal behind fencing just to give the animals a fighting chance. The lengths to protect these animals from all foreign invaders is HUGE. I am not against Australia having cats. Owners of cats have a responsibility to keep them indoors. I not only want cats in Australia, I want all of the Flora and Fauna we have. But it means introduced species should be kept in check, as not to destroy the natural native eco system.

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Australia does have a problem with Cats Dom and Feral

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Mar 22, 2010 Atleast dumping cats gives them a chance at life.
by: Anonymous

Today i will be saying goodbye to 3 unwanted cats. I love animals and i will not take them to the pound as i know that would mean a death sentence. So long as there is a large body of water near by they will be fine. Until greedy vets stop charging the revolting cost to have animals desexed the dumping of animals will continue. I am so sick of the media. Governments, Vets etc all saying people should have their pets desexed. The cost of having them desexed is the problem. To all you greedy vets out there. I say to you. It is your fault there are so many unwanted animals in Australia. Don’t dare try blaming irresponsible pet owners. It all starts from the cost you charge.

Jan 17, 2010 Dumping Cats
by: Julie

It dosen’t matter where a person is from…dumping animals is cruel and awful! slow starvation is a bad way to die.Most are unwanted and unasked for by the people who live in the area.When I was a teenager one of my class mates said “there sure are a lot of farmers with guns protecting a lot of dirt out your way”. I asked him “Did you ever try and pull a beer can off a 2 ton bulls hoof?” That is why I will not make light of your problem. I don’t live there and did not know that ferals were such a problem in Australia.I love cats too. I think it is funny how human beings pick out what they like about nature and villianize what they don’t like. Cats are a part of nature. I did see a film once where there was an outbreak of mice in Australia ? then jack rabbits! if we had to face all that Im sure our laws would reflect it too. we have a hardy eco system here. There are alot of really good people on this site,who are working to make our little corners of the world a better place for our furry friends. Someday maybe we will pull it all together and then it will truely be a better world. I’ve learned a lot.

Apr 23, 2009 I appreciate your submission
by: Anonymous

Hi, You may have read my attacks on the Australian government’s legislation regarding feral cats in Australia. Despite that I always appreciate a decent and well made submission for which I thank you.

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