‘Massive’ black cat runs through field near Tamworth, NSW, Australia

Large black cat probably domestic or feral runs through a field near Tamworth NSW Australia captured on video

https://t.co/nb52KX2AzJ – this looks like one of those super-feral cats that the Aussie authorities talk about so much and which scares them to death as they take native species. — Michael Broad (@Michael_Broad) May 1, 2024 Note: Click on the Twitter image to see the video. It does not play as a video on …

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Australian authorities violate animal welfare laws every day

Tearing up the law

Thousands of times every day the authorities in Australia (excepting ACT) violate their own animal welfare laws; the laws they created. Yes, the politicians of Australia violate in a massive an unacceptable way the very laws that they created and nothing happens. There is a complete acceptance of it. Silence. I guess there must …

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It’s impossible to kill all Australia’s feral cats but they go on killing them

Aussie feral cat in the arid interior hunting small marsupials and mammals

It’s nice to read that some Australian citizens including some Australian scientists strongly disagree with the war against feral cats in Australia which takes place daily and nightly in order to try and protect the small mammals and marsupials in the outback. The scientists who organise the killing of feral cats such as Dr. …

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In Australia if you kill foxes feral cat numbers increase in places where these ‘pests’ are sympatric

In Australia where the fox and feral cat are sympatric if you poison foxes to death with bait the feral cats tend to do better and kill more prey animals

The Conversation website boldly states that “baiting foxes can make feral cats even more brazen”. That statement is based on a study of 1.5 million camera traps photographs taken in forests of Australia. They studied the photographs by hand. ‘Sympatric’ – where wild animals live in the same area or their distribution overlaps. Is …

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The inventor of the Felixer, a device which poisons feral cats, is misleading the public

The Felixer is a fiendish device devised by Dr. John Read, the founder of Thylation. The Felixer is a green box which jets out a poison called 1080 in the form of a gel at 50 metres per second. The idea is that when a feral cat walks past this green box it detects …

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Queensland are killing feral cats as fast as they can but are plagued by rats

Australia's feral cats might be able to suppress the rat plagues in Australia

I’m told that the feral cats of Australia are larger than the usual European variety (see link below) because they have plenty of food and good conditions under which to flourish. Australia’s feral cats are consistently blamed for killing native species including small mammals and marsupials. The small mammals that the feral cat kills …

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Proactivity is the way to deal with feral cats in Australia

Take proactive steps to deal with Australia's feral cats

Australia’s Environment Minister, Tanya Plibersek, recently declared war on feral cats. I thought that Australia had been at war with feral cats for a very long time so this statement came as a surprise to me. They’ve been killing feral cats (and the occasional pet cat or dog) in Australia for many years as …

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Australian Capital Territory (ACT) acts humanely towards feral cats while the other jurisdictions do not

ACT Government logo

As an introduction I would like to say this: the volunteers who manage feral cat colonies under TNR programs are very decent, kind people. They do their work without charge, freely and with a love of the cats. One TNR volunteers sums it up, “The amount of suffering is the reason that we do …

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