Beautiful cat dumped at animal shelter because she had diarrhoea

This beautiful long-haired, red tabby-and-white, female cat was abandoned outside an animal rescue center in Plymouth, UK because she had diarrhoea.

The photos are thumbnails. If you click on them you are taken to a larger version. They were taken by Gables Farm Dogs and Cats Home.

The note accompanying the cat stated, ‘has diarrhoea permanently and never uses a litter tray..’

The former owner described the cat’s diarrhoea as a health hazard. The full handwritten note is above.

The cat was dumped last Sunday at 6:45 am. She must have been there for a while. It seems the rescue centre opens on Sunday, fortunately.

She was severely underweight at 5.7 pounds. It did not take long for Gables Farm Dogs and Cats Home to fix her diarrhoea. It doesn’t, which of course begs the question as to why the owner used it as an excuse to abandon her and an excuse it is. It would have been far better if the owner had been more honest with herself and the shelter staff.

The RSPCA said that dumping cats is not the answer. They described the cat as having specialist needs. I disagree. There is nothing special about this health condition. It is a common problem, easily remedied, provided there is no underlying condition which is the case in this instance.

Source: BBC.

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