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Black Smoke Maine Coon Cat — 8 Comments

    • You should contact a Maine Coon cat breeder. You can try the Cat Fanciers’ Association website as they may have a list of breeders. If not go online and use Google. You can then make enquiries of the breeder. It is likely that you will be unlucky. However, if you make sufficient enquiries, you will probably drill down to the situation where you find one. You might do a Google search which may produce a shortcut. Use Google to search for “available Maine Coon kitten smoke”. Good luck and happy New Year.

  1. So far, the hairs are dark at the root and lightening closer to the tip so he’d probably not be classified as “smoke” at all. That’s okay — he’s gorgeous just as he is! I’ve been told that the coat color might change completely, but I still hold out hope that it will stay pretty much as it is. My daughter-in-law, who originally found the litter (my little guy/gal is the only survivor) has seen the momma cat around. She’s feral with a short, grey coat. Meanwhile, here’s your kitty pic for now.

  2. Our rescue is now 10 days old and quite the determined little fighter. Your picture of the black smoke Maine Coon Cat is the closest I’ve seen to his/her unusual colors. It remains to be seen whether he or she will grow into a true MCC 🙂 Any thoughts?

    • Hi Marcia. Your little rescue has an awesome coat. Extremely interesting. I have not seen a coat like this before. I agree that Quin the cat illustrating the page is similar so it will be fascinating to see how he/she turns out. I don’t know if your kitten is a black smoke. Could be. The hair strands of a smoke coat vary in colour and density along their length. It seems that your kitten has fixed density/color hair strands.

      He almost looks solid bicolor to me: grey and black with white mittens. All the colors are well defined and in fixed places inline with the anatomy. I think he will turn out to be a special cat.

      Thanks for sharing and showing. Come back please when he/she has grown up so we can see him again.

      • Thanks for the reply. I’ve been told that his color is currently described as “smoke”, but that it can change as he grows up. I’ve never seen a cat with this particular color pattern — especially the completely black head that suddenly goes to grey. I, too, am curious to see how this all turns out, and will definitely post pictures as he grows.

        • Great I’ll look forward to them. I agree the coat looks like a smoke but I think we need to see how the coat develops. Smoke coats have hair strands that are dark at the tip and silver/grey from half way down to the root. Is that what the hair strands look like?

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