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  2. I have been fostering a kitten for a week now. He passed away today. We believe from respiratory problems. As tiny and fragile as he was, he was struggling with each breath, and as I held him in my hand, he bit the fool out of my pinky finger! He didn’t let go either. I had to pry his mouth. I won’t put blame on the little guy, but, it was of no fault of mine! I did not provoke him. I also remember a cat my grandparents had. He would hide underneath the dining room table and as people walked through, he would attack their legs. I have seen MANY terrible bites and scratches done by that cat. He was NEVER provoked!!

    • It does not look like provocation but inadvertently and unintentionally it is. This is because when you walk through the dining room a cat would see the legs as something to play with. In presenting yourself in their position at that time you are presenting to your cat a thing to play with and that it could be argued is a form of provocation or stimulation. It is stimulating your cat to play. As for the kitten it is hard to say exactly why he bit your little finger. Whatever the cause it would have been a natural response to the circumstances under which he found himself. For example, he may have felt that by holding him you were provoking play in him. My cat does this sometimes when I hold him. By holding a cat in a certain way it can stimulate them into playing with you and when a cat plays they want to bite it is perfectly natural. Alternatively, the fact that he couldn’t breathe and was ill may have provoked him to bite your finger possibly as a suckling response or something like that.

      The point I’m making is that cats respond entirely naturally and if they bite or scratch it is a natural response to the circumstances that are occurring around them so under all circumstances the bite has occurred because of some form of provocation when the word “provocation” is used very widely.

      Thanks for commenting and visiting this website.

      • And yet dogs are destroyed all the time for their confirmed antisocial behavior. This is how you domesticate any species. You destroy the genetic lines of that which is harmful to humans and keep only those genetic lines that are beneficial and non-harmful to humans. You are only guaranteeing that more dangerous cats are allowed to be born which will only make owning them even more of an unwanted thing by everyone and even more cats destroyed at the first signs of aggression. Nice plan. Blame the human for any cat-attack — blame yourself, you are perpetuating the existence of vicious animals just from your own ignorance. That’ll help! The days of cats being a desired “pet” are numbered, all thanks to people like you. Good.

  3. Cat bites are nothing to play with. Puncture wounds run deep and close quick leaving harmful bacteria behind. 1 in 3 cat puncture bites to the hand require hospitalization (source: mayo clinic). If you get a puncture wound from a cat, even if it seems small, just go to the Dr and get some antibiotics and a tetanus shot. they are highly, highly infectious infectious. And no cats don’t always warn you… One minute purring and the next in a full attack.

    • Thanks Michelle. My cat bites me in play and the skin can be broken sometimes but only in a minor way. I wait and watch. People should never get into the situation where they can get bitten badly by a cat. Cat bites can always be avoided I feel with common sense, care and respect for the cat.

        • Fair enough. For me it depends how bad the bite is. A serious bite should be dealt with by a doctor. A neighbour of mine some years ago ended up hospitalised because of a cat bite. She was an old lady who did nothing about the bite. I was entirely her fault.

          • As cat lover I must say to you sir that you are very misguided to believe that every cat gives fair warning and that cat attacks are always provoked. Forgive my honesty but you are not an authority on cat behaviour or medicine. My message is simply that in the event of a cat bite, regardless of who is at fault, it is important to seek medical attention and crucial if it is a puncture to the hand area. You are far too concerned with blame for your opinion to be taken seriously.

  4. I agree with you–cat bites and scratches are common and rarely become anything more than a minor annoyance during healing. I’ve been bitten/scratched before (mostly during play time with young kittens) and have always been fine. However, last year I ended up in between a stray dog and cat and during their fight, I was bitten by the cat and dog (my fault for being in the middle–the cat didn’t mean to bite me).

    I immediately washed with soap/water, used peroxide, bandaids to keep the wound clean. The next morning, my finger felt like it was broken and I went to the doctor to get a splint. I had a raging infection and the doctor said if I had waited any longer, I could have lost my finger or even hand. I had a quick recovery (just needed antibiotics). If you ever have pain worse the next day or see red streaking around the wound, immediately seek medical attention for a dog or cat bite).

  5. Hi, thanks for visiting. This is a matter of personal preference. If you are the cautious type there is no harm in seeing a doctor but you might not get to see one until several days have passed. At which point you will probably discover that the swelling etc. is due to the bite and not an infection.

    Personally, I would keep the wound clean, apply antiseptic cream and wait and watch. You will know if you have an infection soon enough! Then you can get some treatment.

    Another page on cat scratch fever:-


    Good luck.

  6. Hi all! I have a question, my house was broken into a couple days ago, & since then my cats have seemed stressed, night before last 2 of them got into a HUGE fight, total ball of fur, my knee jerk reaction was to reach in & grab one of them, who didnt see me coming & of course, turned & bit me, he got my finger & broke thru the skin & I do believe to the bone, it has scabbed well but is very swollen & painful, I can barely bend it… do I need a dr you think or is it from the tooth going so far? by the way, once my cat realized what he did he will not leave my side, I cant even use the restroom without him staying right by my feet… LOL

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