Natural Instinct’s raw cat food gave two cat owners tuberculosis via their cats

Michael Groves and Roxy

Natural Instinct’s raw cat food gave bovine tuberculosis (bTB) to two Bengal cats. ASSOCIATED – RECENT: Homemade cat food recipes fall short of required standard Natural Instinct’s raw wild venison cat food has been implicated in giving bovine tuberculosis to … please continue reading

Is it true that toxoplasmosis partially blinded two Turkish women?

2 women partially blinded by toxoplasmosis?

A Turkish online newspaper, Hurriyet Daily News, reports that toxoplasmosis has caused partial blindness in two Turkish women. Both women come from the Western province of Izmir. One woman loves cats and the other is allergic to them. “A cat-borne … please continue reading

Moroccan cat rabies case reminds us prompt PEP (Post Exposure Prophylaxis) can save your life

Omar Zouhri, 58, was bitten by a cat while visiting family in Mehdya, Morocco, believed to be about two weeks ago.

Prophylaxis: treatment given or action taken to prevent disease – in this case a course of rabies jabs after exposure to the disease. You can treat a bite from a rabid animal with a course of vaccinations. In the USA, … please continue reading