Mail Online’s clickbait title about domestic cat zoonoses is irresponsible

Mail Online clickbait article gets it wrong on zoonoses affecting domestic cats

I like the Mail Online because they do have some good cat articles to encourage me to write but this one from the deputy health editor in America, Alexa Lardieri, is irresponsible and should not have been written. The title states that pet cats are a ‘major harborer of deadly diseases’ and that cats …

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“Oregon is rocked by first human case of bubonic plague in nearly a decade after being infected by their pet cat”

Bubonic plague case in Oregon 2024

NEWS AND VIEWS: The Mail Online has a sensationalist headline as per my headline in which they add that “officials rushed to contain virus”. Rare and normally hard to spread It sounds as if Oregan is about to be swamped by a bubonic plague epidemic but it’s not. Bubonic plague is very rare in …

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Footballer regularly kisses multiple dogs on the mouth with plenty of tongue. Safe?

Kissing a dog with plenty of tongue risks transference of a zoonotic disease both ways

Arsenal (UK Premier League team) footballer star Nuno Tavares has multiple dogs. I don’t know how many but he has uploaded videos to social media of him kissing two of his dogs “with plenty of tongue” as reported by the Daily Star. It looks as though he is kissing them passionately on the lips …

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Sporotrichosis in cats and people is rare in the UK and most common in Brazil

Sporotrichosis is a zoonosis which means it can be transmitted from cat to person and is most commonly found in Brazil in both cats and people.

NEWS AND OPINION: I make sure that people realise that in some of my articles I express my opinion as I feel I must but opinions are always based on hard facts and careful research. In this instance, remarkably, Google News reports on a UK government website article about sporotrichosis, a fungal disease commonly …

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Review study by Australians is intended to denigrate the domestic cat

Toxoplasma gondii cyst in mouse brain.

This is my opinion. I form my opinion from many years of reading these reports. I have noticed a trend: Australian scientists looking for ways to criticise the domestic cat for carrying the zoonotic disease toxoplasmosis. From time to time, Australian scientists like to get together to hatch a plan to denigrate the domestic …

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Nebraska rabies scare is about raccoons not about domestic cats as inferred by the Daily Mail

Stanley a kitten who caught a variant of the rabies virus from a raccoon it is believed - in Nebraska, USA.

The Daily Mail online, a paper that I read sometimes and which is normally of good quality, has misrepresented a rabies scare in Nebraska, USA. The way the story has been pitched, it encourages people to believe that a five-week-old tuxedo kitten has started a rabies infection in Nebraska which might spread to other …

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Is this new Chinese respiratory disease affecting children serious and zoonotic?

Langya virus

I would think that some people are a little concerned about the news from China of hospitals being overwhelmed with sick children after a surge in respiratory illnesses. It sounds a bit like Covid-19 all over again. And as you know, Covid-19 is a zoonosis which means it’s a disease which humans caught from …

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