How do mother cats wean their kittens?

Super-looking Kitten

A kitten’s mother typically starts to wean him/her in the fourth or fifth week of their life. It may be earlier if: the litter is large or; the mother is stressed or; the mother is unwell. The mother (‘queen’ in cat fancy parlance) drives the process of weaning her kittens. Dr Bradshaw says that …

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When do domestic cats become sexually active?

6-month-old tabby female on Pets4Homes

Domestic cats become sexually active when they are nearly 12-months-of-age. However, it varies. For males the youngest sexually mature age is, unusually, six months. Some are sexually mature at 8 months but typically it is between 11-12 months. It may be longer for stray cats at 15-18 months because they are given less chance …

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Crazy Cat Sucking?

Crazy cat sucking is not crazy at all. It is totally predicable and normal…if you are a domestic cat kept in a permanent state of kittenhood by your human caretaker. Whether we know it or not, nearly all of us through caring for our cat, condition him or her to be a permanent kitten. …

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