Domestic cats walk differently when they are pregnant

Waddling pregnant cat

Obviously, domestic cats continue to walk around the home when they are pregnant but as the pregnancy progresses and their body changes, they adapt their gait accordingly. The mother-to-be may adopt a wider stance, take smaller steps and waddle as you see in the video on this page. It’s always wise to consult with …

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What is feline superfetation? Promiscuity in human terms.

Feline superfetation

Superfetation occurs when about 10 percent of cats come into heat when pregnant. This results in a second set of eggs being fertilised before the first litter is born. It is a result of the breeding capabilities of the domestic cat. Normally pregnancy suppresses the sexual physiology of the female. However, female cats sometimes …

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How long are cats pregnant? It varies depending on the species.

Pregnant cat

How long are cats pregnant? The answer depends on the type of cat. Here is a graph showing the domestic cat and some wild cats, medium and large and the differences in length of pregnancy: And here is the same information presented in the form of a table: Cat Ave. Length of Pregnancy (days) …

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When do domestic cats become sexually active?

6-month-old tabby female on Pets4Homes

Domestic cats become sexually active when they are nearly 12-months-of-age. However, it varies. For males the youngest sexually mature age is, unusually, six months. Some are sexually mature at 8 months but typically it is between 11-12 months. It may be longer for stray cats at 15-18 months because they are given less chance …

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For how long are leopards pregnant?

Pregnant leopard at Johannesburg Zoo

“Leopard cubs are born after a gestation period of about 96 days, although zoo records suggest that gestation can take anywhere from 90 to 105 days.” The information is a direct quote from the premier book on the wild cat species, Wild Cats of the World by Mel Sunquist and Fiona Sunquist. They are …

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