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Snoozing comfortable cat indoors

How many cats are there in the UK 2020?

You have to specify the date in order to accurately state the number of cats there are in the UK because the number is climbing. It is ever-changing. The number is climbing because the...

cat sleeps in a bush by So-yeon Kim

Why are cats so lazy?

When you consider the definition of the word “lazy” it is difficult to come to the conclusion that cats are lazy. I refute it. I’ll refer to both wild a domestic cats. “Lazy” means:...

6-month-old tabby female on Pets4Homes

When do domestic cats become sexually active?

Domestic cats become sexually active when they are nearly 12-months-of-age. However, it varies. For males the youngest sexually mature age is, unusually, six months. Some are sexually mature at 8 months but typically it...

Domestic Cats

Domestic Cats

Introduction History Description DistributionBehavior Social Organisation Reproduction and Development Socialisation Introduction On this page I look at domestic cats from a different perspective, not as a breed of purebred cat or as a random...

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