How long does it take for a domestic cat to become feral?

Stray cat looking for a home

A true domestic cat, i.e. a cat that has been thoroughly socialised and who has lived with their caregiver, cannot become a true feral cat because they cannot lose that initial, early several weeks of socialisation before they are about 7-weeks-of-age. That will remain with them all their lives. The process is immutable. However, …

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World’s northernmost town forbids domestic cats and the reason will surprise you

Domestic cats are banned in the northernmost town of Longyearbyen on the Archipelago of Svalbard.

Longyearbyen (“The Longyear Town”) is the world’s northernmost settlement with a population greater than 1,000. It is the largest inhabited area of Svalbard, Norway and is named after the American John Munro Longyear. It’s a community on Svalbard which is a Norwegian Archipelago in the Arctic Ocean. Almost everyone living in Longyearbyen has come …

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Scottish wildcat is ‘genomically extinct’ as there are no purebred Scottish wildcats in 2023

Scottish wildcat

A recent study has once again looked at the concerning situation regarding the extinction of the Scottish wildcat which is actually a European wildcat living in Scotland. About 15 years ago scientists knew that the Scottish wildcat was near extinction because of hybridisation with domestic and feral cats in Scotland. Acceleration of wildcats mating …

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Are wild cats smarter than domestic cats?

Who's smarter: domestic or wild cat?

Scientists have looked into whether wild cats are smarter than domestic cat. Their study is entitled: “Are domesticated animals dumber than their wild relatives? A comprehensive review on the domestication effects on animal cognitive performance.” I discuss the study below and start off with a general discussion on the difficulties in making a comparison. …

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British government considered the mass culling of all domestic cats at the outbreak of Covid-19

Mass culling of domestic cats debated by British government in early days of pandemic

NEWS AND VIEWS: It has come to light in a Channel 4 interview involving Lord Bethell, the former deputy health minister from 2020-2021, that in the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic, the British government appeared to have seriously considered culling the entire population of domestic cats in the UK in order to prevent …

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Pictures of big cats in boxes proves they like them too

Do big cats like boxes? Yes, because they are like dens to females

People ask if big cats like boxes. They are referring to the large wild cats normally the lion, tiger, leopard and jaguar. You don’t have to look very hard to find pictures of big cats enjoying snoozing, sleeping and generally messing around in boxes. Yes, they like boxes. Although we are always referring to …

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