Knowledgeable, experienced cat owners do things that cats don’t like

Cat does not like their owners behavior even though he is experienced and knowledgeable

The information for this article on human-to-cat interactions comes from a study which I cite at the end of this article. I’m not saying that all people with lots of knowledge about cat caregiving and lots of experience always interact with their cat in a way that their cat doesn’t like. What I am …

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Should cats be Allowed on Kitchen Countertops? Opinions of Cat Owners and Veterinarians are Divided

Are your cats kitchen countertop-surfers? Are they magnetically attracted them? Perhaps they are hunting for particles of treasured rare roast beef, hamburger meat or boiled chicken! After all cats do have a spectacular sense of smell! In our household, the only time our cats are not permitted on our kitchen countertops is when we …

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How Good Is Your Knowledge of Domestic Cat Behaviour?

A good cat caretaker/guardian should have a reasonable knowledge of cat behaviour. They should also be observant so that they can both learn about cat behaviour when watching their cat and look for signs of changes in behaviour to help diagnose ill health. Owners should also be able to read body language and routines, …

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