Veterinary telemedicine is a flop? Discussion.

Vet telemedicine is proving to be unpopular

The group of scientists who decided that people care for dogs more than they care for cats, ran a parallel survey across three same three countries: Austria, the UK and Denmark. And in this parallel survey they asked the participants what they thought about veterinary telemedicine, which emerged during the Covid-19 pandemic as a …

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AI-powered veterinary telemedicine in an app called ‘Joii’

Vet-AI app Joii vet telemedicine

Vet consultations from just £28. Resolve nearly 70% of pet care issues via a video consultation. Developed by vets. Joii Petcare app This is a heads up from me. I’m not getting commission from this startup although I think I deserve it! However, I do believe in harnessing AI to improve the lives of …

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Total remote triage before you take your pet to your veterinarian

Remote triage by a veterinarian in more efficient

There is perhaps a question in people’s minds as to whether online consultations between pet owner and veterinarian will continue after the pandemic. I’m referring to tele-medicine which lets veterinarians provide a consultation remotely i.e. without actually being in the same room as the pet. I believe that the old way of doing things …

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Telemedicine and the treatment of cats by veterinarians

Telemedicine in veterinary care

The coronavirus pandemic, as we know, has changed the way that people interact with their doctors and their veterinarians. There is a need to keep social distance and minimise physical contact. Telemedicine allows this to happen and has been found to have real advantanges (see Aaron Smiley’s recommendations below) beyond this initial reasons for …

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