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  1. I do worry about Larry because he is 15 years old. If I recall correctly he’s the oldest working 10 Downing Street cat and I believe Palmerston was retired by the time he was 15. I just hate think of Larry being snuck up on by a fox and hauled away and eaten. Poor fox needs to be rehabilitated and released where it can find food. It’s starving living in the city.

    • I feed foxes. Mine are in good nick! And I treat them with homeopathic medicine which I have always found to be very successful in curing and preventing mange. I think Larry can take care of himself but he is getting on.

      • I can’t remember which or what dept he worked for but I read recently he had been run over by a car. I think it was Gladestone but not sure. At 15 you know their reactions get slow a healthy fox would not have run from Larry. Damn Coyotes here get cats all the time.

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