Garfield Heights cat lover Nancy Segula says on camera that she’ll stop feeding the cats

The kind face of Nancy
The kind face of Nancy
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This is a short update in the Nancy Segula story. The more I have read about her and seen her speak the more I realise how kind, gentle and caring she is. It is strange that she has been criminalised.

Anyway she has spoken to the cameras and renounced her previous ways of feeding stray cats who come to her door. She finds it hard to not feed the cats but does not want to get into more trouble with the law.


Feeding stray cats where she lives is against the law, which is why she is in trouble and has a 10 day prison sentence hanging around her neck for ignoring a court order to stop (contempt of court). A magistrate gave her the sentence but a judge will review it and hopefully remove the sentence and find a ‘punishment’ which is more suitable for a lady whose behaviour is humane and decent and whose objectives are laudable. She was compelled through kindess to help the cats. That is not the behavior of a criminal.

I hope Nancy follows through on what she says in the video. When you care for cats as much as Nancy does it is very hard to ignore the cries of stray cats looking for food. Nancy says she can do it. I wonder if it is true.

The law is in effect demanding that Nancy be unkind and cruel towards stray cats. Is that what society wants of Nancy? To be uncaring and unkind to stray cats?

The problem is not Nancy’s behavior in caring for cats. It is the law which is an ass in making decent behavior criminal behaviour. Feeding stray cats should not be a crime in Garfield Heights. The better way is for the city’s leaders to get involved in TNR and to work with people like Nancy Segula not against them.

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