Are the British to blame for Israel’s stray cat problem?

Feral cats Israel

It’s a well-known fact that there are an inordinate number of feral and stray cats in Israel. They are often semi-domesticated and therefore better described as community cats. Before I answer the question in the title, I have to touch on the question as to whether they are a genuine problem. In my view, …

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Unusual picture of feral and stray cats feeding

This unusual photograph of feral and stray cats supplied and posted by Purrfect Hearts Cat Rescue on Facebook caught my eye. Purrfect Hearts is a cat rescue and adoption group in Wilson, NC run entirely by volunteers. They rely solely on donations from the community. You can see the family connections in the cats …

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Homeless man takes care of homeless cats

Homeless man looks after homeless cats in Sabah, E. Malaysia

KOTA KINABALU, SABAH, EAST MALAYSIA-NEWS AND COMMENT: This extraordinary man, who might be educated but who has been homeless for a long time, cannot bear to let homeless and vulnerable cats suffer and so despite being in dire straits himself he helps them out. He lives near a dump site and because he helps …

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25-30 cats at US Embassy Kabul have been abandoned

Callie gets some attention from US Embassy staffer

NEWS AND VIEWS: I have discovered that the US Embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan was the home for 25-30 cats. I use the past tense because all embassy staff have reportedly abandoned the station. CNN reports that the embassy is empty except for, I suspect, the 25-30 cats who depended upon the staff for sustenance. …

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Stop dumping cats on Brazil’s ‘Island of the Cats’ and practice TNR

Brazil's Island of the Cats

Brazil’s Island of the Cats is Brazil’s dirty feline secret but it is a secret no more because is a catastrophe in terms of animal welfare which need to be addressed urgently but decisions about this island, chock-a-block with unwanted cats, are constantly put back as people scratch their heads as to what to …

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Brazil’s Cat Island

Brazil's Cat Island

The cats of Brazil’s Cat Island need help because the coronavirus pandemic has left them supported to a much lower level than before. Tourists who fed the cats don’t travel to the island anymore due to coronavirus lockdowns and restrictions. It is believed that the colony of semi-domesticated stray cats on this small island …

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People prevented from feeding stray cats in the UK

Stray cat photo portrait

This is an extraordinary development as far as I am concerned. Councils in the UK are using a little-known power to impose restrictions on certain kinds of behaviour which the council deems “capable of causing nuisance or annoyance to others”. To international readers, in the UK “councils” are local authorities. Research carried out by …

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