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How to build a nebulizer: helping a kitty with an upper respiratory condition to breathe — 8 Comments

  1. Thank you for sharing this invaluable information, Jo. I am sure that it will help many caring people and their beloved cats.

    Note: this was posted on behalf of jmuhj as she had used the wrong form. No problems.

  2. Hi Serbella,

    He is starting to eat from my fingers now. I imagine you would understand how important that is. He knows approximately when feeding time arrives and if he is in his cage napping, he crawls out and sits by the sink where we prepare his food for the feeding tube and get all his medications ready.

    So for two days now (as long as he can breathe ok) he is taking the food right out of the can off my fingers. He still has a little problem eating because of his left-side paralysis on his face due to the middle ear infection-causing this- but he sure is trying.

    Gonna try giving him some baby food on Monday and see if he will like that- I can’t wait until he will eat the whole 1/4 of a can by himself from a plate. Ten days after that is happening we can consider removing the tube- of course my vet will be doing that: LOL Thanks for well wishes.

  3. Thank you for sharing this, Jo. Yes, I’d definitely consider having a nebulizer on hand for Samirah. I hope the good Dr. Puppy is doing better nowadays.

  4. The creator of this is a genius. It’s simple to construct, it works, and it’s cost effective. A caretaker couldn’t ask for more. This could save thousands of dollars in vet bills.
    Great find, Jo.

      • I lost my oldest baby Wednesday morning. . . she crossed the bridge peacefully in her sleep. . . it was quite a shock as she hadn’t been ill in any way. . . my vet and I figured maybe a stroke — we will never know. . .she was 15-1/2. . . my son Tyler really took it hard as he was really close to her. . . I picked up her cremains Thursday to be with us forever. . . ♥♥♥

        • Very sorry to hear this. At least it was short and peaceful. Your poor son. It is hard. Fifteen and a half years of age is not bad though.

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