7 causes of cat tear stains

There are 7 specific causes of cat tear stains and one underlying reason. Here they are. The list might not be complete. To be clear, tear staining refers to tears running down the face at the corner of the eye causing the fur to stain. It is very obvious and it is abnormal. Because …

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Cat noisy breathing. Causes.

Feline airways

Noisy breathing in domestic cats indicates an obstructed airway. The airway that I’m referring to is the passage through the nose (or mouth), the back of the mouth, down the trachea (windpipe) and into the bronchail tubes of the lungs. If there is an obstruction in this airway breathing might be noisy and the …

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Picture of vet taking throat swab from domestic cat for Covid-19 test

Picture of a throat swab taken by 2 veterinary staff at a Cairo clinic to test for Covid-19

This photograph shows a veterinarian and assistant taking a throat swab (oropharyngeal swab) at a clinic in Cairo, Egypt from a domestic cat because it is a requirement for travel. The photograph is by Maya Alleruzzo and circulated by the agency AP. Testing, in fact, requires more than one swab. It requires swabs from …

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Can cats get sinusitis?

Feline sinusitis

Yes, domestic cats can get sinusitis (a sinus infection). They have two frontal and small wedge-shaped sinuses. Secondary infections (bacterial infections) of the frontal sinuses occur quite a lot because URI (upper respiratory infections) are common in cats. The signs of feline sinusitis are: sneezing and snuffling a purulent discharge from the nose which …

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