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  1. I have adopted a cat from street,all characteristics of khao manee is the same as him.im a bit confuse if he is a khao manee,i dont know how to identify the diamond cut in khao manee eyes..pls help

    • I am not sure where you are. Which country do you live in? That would help answer your question. Thanks for visiting and asking.

  2. My cat had the same characteristics as the khao manee, white with a blue eye and a green eye, she was a rescue cat from the street. Had him 10 yrs. He recently died of Barconelli leukemia. The sweetest cat ever. Sure miss him.

    • He sounded like he was an interesting and unusual cat with a sweet pesonality. Margie, I know how you feel. I miss mine too. Thanks for visiting and sharing. Take Care.

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