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Manchester’s Curry Mile Prepares Cat Meat Meals — 21 Comments

  1. ‘This is stupefying.’ [Mark Twain]

    Can’t find a thing on the Internet. Fact remains, three-four years ago there was a headline in the Seattle Times claiming that anthropologists had discovered a small community of Neanderthals on a remote island somewhere in the New Guinean archipelago, if I rightly recall. Did they take blood samples to examine the DNA? The article didn’t delve into that. But what they saw was the PHENOTYPE.

    While this is tangential, the animal rights proponent, Prof. Peter Singer, in his book Life and Death (underlined), pp.179-180, writes that two separate species of primates in Malaysia and Indonesia have interbred, though one has 44 chromosomes and the other 50. Chimps have 48 and humans 46, which he believes doesn’t rule out the possibility they could hybridize. If that were so, though, surely it would have occurred before now. The Empress Theodora, I think, according to Suetonius (some ancient scandalmonger or other – I read this years and years ago)—-but can’t delve into this on a family website. Suffice to say, in modern times a famous rock star who passed on ca. 40 years ago favored a brand of entertainment that might have produced fascinating offspring.

    To wander even further afield from headless cats, scientists have taught several captive chimps to read words printed on cards, to understand up to a thousand spoken words or so, and to even speak a few, though their vocal apparatus differs from ours. But one or more of them learned to say ‘Uh..maah-maah’ in addressing their human mother, and were overjoyed by their achievement. One of these chimps was later released into the wild and, because she was friendly and trusting, was shot by a poacher. Of course. What else?

    Can’t cite any attributions here, least of all for the Seattle Times headline. But I’m not into pot or peyote, am not seeing things & hearing voices (that’ll be next week), and didn’t imagine reading this.

  2. Howdy, Ruthie –

    1. If anything on the Net is reliable (admittedly, a stretch), the nearest potentially livable planet is only thirteen light-years away.

    2. A few months ago the newspapers announced that we still have Neanderthals in our midst – think they said there was a small community of them on one of the islands somewhere north of Australia.

    Actually, we have one down here on the highway to the ocean. You see him sometimes shambling down this dirt driveway. The guy has a supraorbital torus, a horizontal forehead, dragging knuckles – the whole nine miles, and is always wearing this red & black plaid lumber shirt. Actually, he’s not half bad, unless you prefer a Fred Astaire body build, tails & spats.

    Nor is his DNA rare. The geneticists are saying everyone’s part Neanderthal.

    3. Not to lament! Turns out there IS an answer to one thing! A cardiologist on the radio last night said the hardest thing we’ll ever do is dying. ‘The suffering,’ he said, ‘is . . . horrible.’

    How to postpone the day? A flash bulletin from SatEvePost has announced that Kaiser Permanente’s eight-year study of 84,170 men, ages 45 to 69, with no prior history of heart disease who sit five or more hours a day had a 34 percent higher incidence of heart failure than those who sit only two hours. The key, according to the study, is not ‘exercise,’ such as pumping iron: it’s LEG MOVEMENT. Which is why there are now treadmill computers and pedal flush toilets.

    • we still have Neanderthals in our midst – think they said there was a small community of them on one of the islands somewhere north of Australia.

      They are in our midst in their millions πŸ˜‰ but they don’t look like Neanderthals. It is all in their Neanderthal brain.

      A cardiologist on the radio last night said the hardest thing we’ll ever do is dying. β€˜The suffering,’ he said, β€˜is . . . horrible.’

      I don’t think the actual act of dying is hard. The way we die can be hard. It is pot luck if we die nicely or in an ugly way.

    • LOL!
      Sylvia, You’re right. Fred Astaire really wasn’t much to look at.
      And, dying isn’t pretty most of the time; and it’s very hard to deal with. To watch suffering will break you into a million pieces.
      Even euthanizing a beloved pet is horrible, watching them struggle for breath and their pupils dilating makes you always wonder if you have the right to just snuff out a life at will.

  3. Late in her life my mother often availed herself of ‘Meals on Wheels,’ a service in this country that, if unknown to the Brits, delivered luncheons and dinners to seniors.

    The title of this post gave the rock-solid impression it was about a delivery service that brought to the door of elderly parents, too far gone to prepare it themselves, gourmet meals for their treasured fur-kids: chicken a la King, shrimp scampi, lamb cutlets.

    Egads. What a comedown.

    Surely England is steeped in the spirit of Johnson & Boswell, Henry Fielding, Austen & Dickens? Minarets and Chinese take-outs would startle a tourist with these preconceptions.

    At the same time, is the xenophobic wrath of the Dutch a humane alternative?

    To reword this: is there an answer to anything?

    • I don’t think there is any answer to anything any more, the world has gone to pot. There is no peace. Respect and values have disappeared, we are heading back to the Neanderthal age judging by the language of grunts and the appearance of many young people here, trousers hanging to knees.
      Yes we do have meals on wheels here for the housebound but government cuts are affecting all the care of needy people.
      One day the rich will go and live on another planet leaving the poor to perish here, that’s if humans haven’t wiped ourselves out by then.

      • I understand your despair at the country. I am sure you are not alone in your thoughts. It has gone wrong. In terms of quality of life things seem to be getting worse. I hanker after the old days, the simpler days before Facebook and even before color TV. At least the kids were taught manners and respect then or most of them were.

  4. Alternatively, someone dumped the cat heads in an ethnic (predominantly muslim) area knowing that people would jump to conclusions. “Ethnic restaurant serves cat meat” is such a well-known racial slur that an ill-wisher would not need to do anything else except sit back and watch people jump to conclusions.

    Think about it – would a restaurant fly-tip such things and risk attracting attention?

    • I don’t know is the answer to your question but as the media have not picked up on the connection between cat heads in a black bag and cat meat, this indicates to me that the argument that you present is too subtle.

      Also cat meat is not associated with Muslims as far as I am aware. It is associated with Vietnamese and Southern Chinese culture. It is not connected to a religion as far as I am aware and I would doubt that anyone would connect Islam with cat meat.

      I agree it is possible that someone might connect “ethnic minority” (i.e. Asian) and cat meat but not many people know about cat meat unless they are involved with cats. I don’t see your argument. It means that a nasty person killed cats and put the heads in a bag to create bad publicity for the Asians in the hope that the press would understand that which they have not.

      I definitely think an Asian restaurant would fly-tip cat heads in a black bag if the person doing it was unfamiliar with British culture which is highly likely if the person was new to the country.

      • Perhaps you are missing all the Islamophobia current in the country? Urban legends about cat curry abounds (among those ignorant of Islamic food taboos). How better to stir up further Islamophobia. Remember that I’ve written extensively on which cultures eat cat, so I know which cultures eat cat.

        The press have hinted in veiled terms such as “found in curry mile” and “no bodies found”. To say outright”restaurants probably servbing cat meat” would result in a libel case.

  5. Horrible to contemplate how the cats were killed but I dare bet a few people have bought curries from the filthy dumps thinking they were getting chicken. And why were the heads dumped? You’d think they would have been disposed of slyly rather than left where they would be found. The whole thing stinks and not just of decaying flesh.

  6. It is sure to be illegal to sell dog and cat meat in the Uk because you have to ask how did it become meat? By being killed and that is illegal. How many food safety rules are broken by selling that meat for human consumption?

    • It is illegal. In parts of London and perhaps other places they eat ape. Primates or jungle meat whatever you call it. This is as bad as far as I am concerned. It is almost impossible to stop these things.

  7. Is it not illegal to sell cat or dog meat in our country? Even from foreign run takeaways?
    As for UKIP, if Farage gets in we women might as well commit suicide as he’s as bad or even worse than Cameron! If the tactical voters and non voters who let the ConDems in let those two in next year as a Con/UKIP coalition, then God help our sick, disabled, unemployed and pensioners πŸ™

    • Is it not illegal to sell cat or dog meat in our country? Even from foreign run takeaways?

      Yes, I am sure it is illegal and I hope these people are caught. That presumes that my assessment is correct. I doubt whether they will catch them. We are too politically correct in Britain. We are frightened of criticizing immigrants for fear of causing mass riots.

    • Yes, Gordon Brown actively increased immigration to new heights under his government in order to acquire new votes. That is the sole reason and it has caused massive problems in this country in terms of the ability to provide facilities for a much larger population. There are no doubt economical benefits from immigration and I fully appreciate that but this country is struggling with providing housing and facilities such as the National Health Service and schooling. Immigration is the single biggest concern of the citizens of the UK at present which is why UKip did so well recently. Another major issue is that people in Britain are losing their culture and they regret that tremendously. In fact, it is too late to go back to the way it was. The country has changed dramatically already. There is no stopping immigration and it may mean that we leave the European Union. I hope we do personally because I don’t like the European Union. We can do without it. We can do better without.

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