In 1821, in the UK Parliament, there were howls of laughter about protecting cats

Illustration showing interior of House of Commons

Times have moved on substantially from 1821 in Britain. I think this was a time when the consequences of an era called The Enlightenment were being felt. Animal welfare in Britain was being discussed in Parliament perhaps for the first time. The first proposal for a law to prevent abuse of animals was a …

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Do you think you can improve animal welfare by asking nicely?

Animal Rising protests are good

The reason why campaigning animal advocates such as members of Animal Rising have to be so disruptive of the day-to-day activities of the general public is because it is the only way they can get a result. You can’t ask the general public nicely to stop eating meat in order to put a brake …

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Famous Actor Intervenes to Encourage Police to Find “Cat Ripper”

Martin Clunes and cat

Martin Clunes, the well-known British actor who stars as Dr Ellingham in Doc Martin, has weighed in to try and help solve the series of crimes dating back to 2008 of the mutilation and death of, primarily, cats but also other animals in the Croydon area of London. Clunes has written a letter to …

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Cat Killers and Torturers of Britain

Despite being regarded as an animal loving nation, there is a nasty underbelly, an underclass in the UK amongst which there are cat torturers and killers; or are we importing too many criminals through open EU borders? The problem is there. These people are amongst us, lurking in the shadows. We know it. It …

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Manchester’s Curry Mile Prepares Cat Meat Meals

There have been cat beheadings in Manchester. The Manchester Evening News reports on a bin bag containing the severed heads of cats. The bag was dumped in the street near to a place referred to as “Curry Mile”. This is an area in South Manchester where there is a very large concentration of curry-type …

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RSPCA zealots force owners to put down their cat because of matted fur

This is another example of misguided zealotry by an RSPCA inspector. It is quite shocking. The story concerns a Turkish Van cat living in Tring, Hertfordshire, England. In Europe and America the Turkish Van is a semi-long-haired purebred cat. This particular cat’s name was Claude. He was 16 years old and therefore with long …

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Pensioner fined £125 for killing neighbours’ cats

Was this pensioner fined enough for killing cats? The exact number is probably not known but according to the story1 five cats belonging to the pensioner’s neighbours were poisoned. £125 seems a very small fine when the maximum that he could have been fined was £5,000. How many cats does a person have to …

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