Methodist church is like a ‘Kitty Auschwitz’ – update?

Why are there no updates on the feral cats deliberately trapped and poisoned under a Methodist church in Dallas? The last we heard was several days ago and at that time there was an urgent need to rescue the cats. Has something happened to stop people who know what is going on posting the information on Facebook? We are left guessing.

Church is poisoning cats

“I don’t understand how they can lock up cats which are a creature of God, basically put them into a gas chamber under a church of God. That’s pretty messed up. It’s like a kitty Auschwitz.” – The assessment of a lady on video outside the church (see video)

The video may end up being deleted by the way. Don’t be surprised if it is.

You know the story. The committee of the Agape Memorial United Church in Dallas, TX decided to do something about feral cats living underneath their church. According to Jeremy Boss on Facebook the cats have been living their for 7 years. CLICK THIS (OPENS A NEW TAB/WINDOW) TO READ THE EARLIER POST ON THIS.

What the committee members decided to do was to poison them with mothball fumes. They blocked up the area underneath the church leaving one exit according to Boss and sprinkled mothballs in the space under the church. This was a very ungodly thing to do. Clearly totally counter to Christian thinking. Important Note: there is one exit. But Boss says the cats won’t use it because they are frightened. Also the cats won’t be aware of the mothball fumes poisoning them. However, it was suggested somewhere in this story that the cats had been completely trapped.

The video above tells the story. The still picture on this page shows the small vent leading to the space under the church which the committee blocked up. This prevented cats coming and going. The mothballs would have poisoned them.

Boss provided the update in his video last Monday but he has not provided a further update. The lack of news is conspicuous by its absence.

Bearing in mind how newsworthy this story was several days ago, it surprises me that there are no updates. What happened to the cats trapped (except for one exit) under the church? Have they been poisoned as suggested by Boss.

On August 14th Martha (a commenter on Boss’s FB page) asked Boss for an update. Boss replied and said, ‘We will have one tomorrow’. Nothing however has emerged from Mr Boss.

Boss’s reluctance to name the church is strange because it is all over the internet. There is no secrecy there. I wonder if the committee spoke to Boss and asked to shut up. That seems likely to me but I don’t know.

It has been suggested that the church had a Facebook page and that it has been deleted. The church’s voicemail is full which tells us that the committee have taken a decision to shut down all communications and to hunker down until the storm passes over.

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