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  1. Thankye Michael,I suspect this Terrance or wot ever name he is going by is one delusional sub-human,too bad I cant help him off himself.

    • Irish , you got that right !!! That terrance guy doesn’t belong on poc..I’m glad he is banned..he seemed evil..now we can read some comments about cats that make sense…

      • Sadly, poor Michael can never permanently ban him since he carries too many aliases and email accounts.
        However, he’s always easy to spot, ranting his repetitive trash.
        Our Woody is, and always will be, demented James Stevenson.

  2. Terrance ye have no gawd dam idea of wot ye are talking about,I care for 2 feral cat colonies so ye saying the cats that are outside deserve to be killed because how it sounds to me and BTW I care more about cats than this despicable human race including people like ye,how dare ye say we whine to get attention,we dont whine,we fight for wot we believe in and when one of our colony cats come up missing or killed we as a community come together to offer support in any way we can,go away Terrence,ye views and comments are NOT welcomed here.

    • I guess you love nothing better than living in a state of denial, oblivious to the world that surrounds you.

      And just how do you think that every last one of your outdoor-hoarded cats are going to die?

      That they must have been frolicking in a field of wildflowers and butterflies all day and then just peacefully and painlessly crossed-over that “rainbow bridge” one day? Isn’t it comforting to know your now-missing cats aren’t laying in ditches somewhere, still alive, with half of their bodies ran-over by cars; or that they had lapped-up some antifreeze or vermin poison and are gasping for breath for three or more days under a dumpster with maggots eating their latest cat-fight territorial wounds. All the while you get to sit there believing in your self-inflicted bliss of ignorance — enjoying yet another peaceful yet impossible scenario while all your cats suffer to death.

      Then when reality presents itself to you again, when you find one of your cats torn in half by a predator, then you cry foul, that it’s someone else’s fault. NEVER your your fault for letting your cats roam free. Right?

      Thanks for proving too that the reason you sacrifice your cats for attention this way is that you loathe and despise the human-race, including yourself. You do know that there’s a permanent cure for that, don’t you?

      • I think you need to see a psychiatrist…you’re in some kind of nasty dream world…if everybody that posted their comments on poc in the same way as you do then i would never visit this site…you are off your rocker !!!!!!

      • Tell you what, Terrence (or Woody, or whatever the heck you are), why don’t you take that cure? Preferably .45 caliber?

        Go ahead, cuss me out. Give Michael an excuse to ban your sorry ass from this site. You’re on thin ice as it is, buddy boy.

        • Thank you serbella…i like to read about positive ways we all can help CATS , not somebodys distorted thoughts….this is a web site about ways we can better cats lives if I’m not mistaken…?

          • Hi, Kevin! You’re welcome. That’s why I come here too. That troll is emotionally disturbed. Proves that every time he opens his mouth. If I’m not mistaken this is Woody. Woody used to rampage over on One Green Planet just like he tries to do here. They shut him down quick, fast and in a hurry and he no longer posts over there. I notice his response time here is getting longer and longer after Michael bans him. Soon he’ll fade away into obscurity where he belongs. Nobody wants to hear that madness he’s peddling.

            • I like to read what michael posts about CATS and i learn from his articles and i also like to read peoples comments..i don’t think it’s fair to bash what michael posts here on poc…if people like terrance can’t give positive feedback about CATS then they should keep their words to themselves…

  3. Michael, you clearly support self-victimization to manipulate all others around you. People who let cats roam free to die by any means, knowing that cat will eventually die outside, do it intentionally to then later whine about it just to get attention from their community. No other reason. Because if they truly cared about their cat, they would have prevented it dying outside in the very first place. Self-evident. They don’t care about any cat at all. They only care about what kind of attention they can get from others by letting their animal-sacrifice cat roam free.

    • Oh my dear. Terence (aka Woody) you really are incorrigible. Your comment as usual is barmy (and I am being polite). Letting cats outside is not killing them. It is sociopaths like you who kill them against the law. I’d guarantee that when dozens of school kids are murdered by some deranged gunman you say it is not the gun and gun laws but the person who is to blame. But when a person lets their cat outside you say it is the owner’s fault when a madman kills the cat. Can you see your hypocrisy? I doubt whether you can because you are too deranged yourself.

  4. There are even better arguments and proof of criminally irresponsible pet-owners who all need to be convicted of their crimes every time they whine about one of their missing or dead expendable and disposable cats. If they weren’t expendable and didn’t care how their cat died, they wouldn’t let it roam free at all. Others now care as much (or even less) about the lives of their cats as the cat-owners do. They prove how much they “love” their cats every time they throw it outside to die by any means. And if their cat accidentally escapes from safe confinement by out-smarting the owner? Then that only proves that the pet-owner should not have in their possession any animal that is even more intelligent than they are.

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