Common allergens affecting domestic cats and feline atopy (infographic)

Allergens affecting cats

Cats can be allergic to a variety of substances, but the most common allergens affecting domestic cats include: Food allergens: Some cats can develop an allergy to certain ingredients in their diet, such as chicken, beef, fish, dairy, or grains. Environmental allergens: Cats can also be allergic to environmental factors such as dust mites, …

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What triggers allergies in cats?

Symbolic representation of T-cells

I’m referring to allergies suffered by domestic cats caused by their self-harming immune response to allergens in the environment. I am not referring to people being allergic to cats. Allergies in cats are caused by a defective immune system. The helper T-cells activate and deactivate parts of the immune system. They interpret instructions to …

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Food and other cat allergies fully discussed

What are the most common cat allergies? I believe that you can break this topic down to food allergies, feline miliary dermatitis, irritant contact and allergic contact dermatitis and inhalant allergies. I believe that allergies in cats is a major issue and a hard one to resolve. There are too many cats suffering with …

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Bumps and scabs on ears during summer. A cause.

Bumps and scabs on ears in summer is possibly caused by a seasonal allergy to pollen or grass

This might be an instructive story which may guide some cat owners but please remember that cat owners who are unqualified in veterinary medicine should be very cautious about self-diagnosis through Internet research. You might get some ideas through personal research but you will probably need the input of a veterinarian which of course …

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What is a pruritic cat?

Pruritic cat

A pruritic cat is an itchy cat. The medical term for itching is ‘pruritus’. I am not a veterinarian but I think this is one of the more disconcerting diseases that a cat can suffer from. I feel for pruritic cats. Constantly itching must be horrible and emotionally draining. The video from the Cuyahoga …

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Can cats be allergic to other cats?

Fel d1

This is not a question which is asked a lot and neither is it answered a lot, or at all usefully, but theoretically it is possible for a domestic cat to be allergic to another domestic cat. However, I don’t think is possible for a domestic cat to be allergic to the primary domestic …

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