Are there any domestic cat breeds with ears similar to those of wild cats like the lynx or caracal?

Lynx - Maine Coon - Caracal

Yes, there is one outstanding example: the Maine Coon as their ears should have lynx tips. Here are extracts from two breed standard in respect of their ears: “Moderately pointed ears appear taller due to lynx tips…(TICA) EARS: Shape: large, … please continue reading

Kitten with 4 ears and one eye finds a forever home with fosterer who fell in love with him

This is the happy ending story of Little Frankie, a young kitten found in Australia under a house along with his brother. He recently found a forever home with the fosterer who fell in love with him. The siblings were … please continue reading

How the ear condition Otitis Externa can make a cat famous and is this a good thing?


There is another cat celebrity on the internet, Otitis. He’s white and he has no ears. He has no ears because of human neglect. He developed a condition called otitis externa. This is either a bacterial, yeast or fungal infection … please continue reading