Canadian vaccine against the cat allergen being trialled in the UK

Trials are taking place in the UK for a vaccine against the cat allergen

A Frenco-Canadian pharmaceutical company called Angany, based in Québec city, Canada, has been cleared to conduct human trials on a cat allergy vaccine in the UK. The vaccine is called ANG-101. They say that it is a “First in human, open-label and single site evaluation of the safety, allergenicity and immunogenicity of the new …

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The distribution of Fel D1, the cat allergen (antigen) on and in a cat’s hair and skin

Studies analysed the distribution of the Fel D1 antigen produced by the domestic cat which is deposited on the cat's skin and on their fur and is inside the skin and fur as well. Most of it comes from the sebaceous glands.

A lot has been written and published on the Internet about the allergen produced by the cat, Fel D1, which causes an allergic reaction in between 10% and 20% of people. Technically, an allergen is an antigen. Historically, people generally believed that the Fel D1 allergen is in a domestic cat’s saliva. But it …

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Are American Wirehair cats hypoallergenic?

American Wirehair

I am sorry to say that the American Wirehair is not hypoallergenic. ‘Hypoallergenic’ in respect of cat breeds means a breed that has a reduced effect on people who are allergic to cats. There is nothing in the reference books or anecdotally which encourages me to say that they are. This is a pretty …

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Increase in human allergies inc. asthma – reason? – children allergic to cats – spread of cat/dog allergen – environment – lifestyle

Allergens and allergies

A Guardian article online interests me because an allergy to cats affects around 10% of people (is this an underestimate?). The conclusion of the Guardian article is that more and more of us are suffering from allergies. Medicines are struggling to keep up. Theresa MacPhail completed a monumental task of looking at the development …

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Common allergens affecting domestic cats and feline atopy (infographic)

Allergens affecting cats

Cats can be allergic to a variety of substances, but the most common allergens affecting domestic cats include: Food allergens: Some cats can develop an allergy to certain ingredients in their diet, such as chicken, beef, fish, dairy, or grains. Environmental allergens: Cats can also be allergic to environmental factors such as dust mites, …

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Is cat dander bad for babies?

Cats and babies in harmony together

Is cat dander bad for babies? My answer based on careful research is that it is probably or possibly good for babies. However, we are currently (2022) unsure. Please read on. It is helpful to ask: “What is cat dander?” Cat dander describes very small particles about five microns (µm) in diameter. It becomes …

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Food and other cat allergies fully discussed

What are the most common cat allergies? I believe that you can break this topic down to food allergies, feline miliary dermatitis, irritant contact and allergic contact dermatitis and inhalant allergies. I believe that allergies in cats is a major issue and a hard one to resolve. There are too many cats suffering with …

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