Dr. Patricia Forsythe of the Nearly All Paws Animal Clinic

Dr. Patricia Forsythe of the Nearly All Paws Animal Clinic has been voted best vet in the West. She declaws cats cheaply because she offers coupons that give 20% discounts off the price. Declawing is obviously wrong. To encourage it by giving coupons for discounts makes it even more wrong. But it is worse …

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Complications Of Declawing

by Michael (London, UK) Photo by Bekah Stargazing (Flickr) A vet has kindly listed the complications of declawing cats. This was not done for any altruistic reason. It is simply a dispassionate explanation, which in itself speaks volumes of the attitude of veterinarians to declawing cats in the USA. This page, then simply represents …

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Cat Dexterity

I don’t think people think about cat dexterity that much (dexterity: “skill and grace in physical movement, especially in the use of the hands; adroitness.” – The Free Dictionary). The skills of a cat using paw and eye coordination with finely tuned muscle control are somewhat hidden or played down. But they are there. …

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Black-footed Cat

Black-footed cat great hunter

Black-footed cat. Photo by ‘guppiecat’. Overview The name of this diminutive cat, the smallest African cat species, is slightly misleading as the paw pads and undersides of the feet are black but nothing else. Attempts to rename the cat failed. This secretive wild cat is found in the south west corner of the African …

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