Tintin’s dog Snowy a wire fox terrier has suffered a 94% collapse in its popularity since 1947

Wire fox terrier and Tintin

There are many influences on a dog breeds popularity or lack of it. It is rather shocking to note that the news media reports today that Tintin’s pal Snowy, a wire fox terrier, is heading towards extinction as a dog breed and has been placed on the “at watch” list by The Kennel Club. …

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Why are there so many more dog breeds than cat breeds?

Many dog breeds. Far more than the number of cat breeds

Theis is a discussion on why there are many more dog breeds than cat breeds. It is about the differences in dog and cat domestication and trainability. I’m presenting the information in bullet form. The grey wolf was domesticated perhaps up to about 20,000 years before the North African wildcat was domesticated. Therefore, the …

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