8 facts which can guide you in picking the longest-lived dog breeds

Selecting a dog breed with the longest lifespan is important and this study will help you

A recent study helps us understand which dog breeds are likely to live the longest. The first ‘fact’ to take note of is that dogs breeds with short snouts have shorter lifespans than those with long snouts. The reasons is that the flattened faces of, for example, the French the English bulldogs imports health …

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Flat-faced dogs and cats’ helplessness makes them more attractive

Flat faced brachycephalic dogs and cats behave like toddlers which attracts the nurturing desire in their human caregiver which in turn makes the animals more attractive as companions.

STUDY RESULT PLUS COMMENT: Dorottya Ujfalussy from the Eotvos Lorand University in Hungary, has decided in her study that flat-faced dogs (and I’m going to include flat-faced cats) are more attractive to their owners because they are more helpless. And in being more helpless they are more like human toddlers who are themselves helpless …

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Dog breeds that are good with cats?

Cats like bathrooms when occupied and used

I am going to go against the grain here and stick my neck out. It is the wrong starting point to ask if there are some dog breeds that are good with cats. It is branding dog breeds as having one character that is favorable to the cat-dog relationship. I am not saving that …

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Coefficient of inbreeding (COI) in dogs and cats – a full discussion

COI - coefficient of inbreeding

At first glance this is a daunting and off-putting topic. However, we have Ben, the TikTok vet to ease us into the discussion 😎. He’s great and thanks Ben. He has a nice video of the COI of the most inbred pedigree dogs available in the UK. It is a very good start. This …

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The extreme English bulldog face

Luna before the op

For some time, now, those who are in the know understand that some dog and cat breeds have been selectively bred to extreme to emphasise their facial features which are dictated by the breed standards. However, breeders tend to overemphasise these guidelines in order to gain an advantage and in doing so you get …

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Judging a dog’s potential for aggression by their appearance is wrong

Some say pitbulls are sweet natured

In the UK certain dog breeds are automatically considered aggressive and dangerous under the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991. This is a dangerous way to assess dog aggression as many individual dogs of these outlawed breeds are unaggressive. Battersea Dogs & Cats Home has been forced to euthanise 15 dogs this year because they were …

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Why are there so many more dog breeds than cat breeds?

Many dog breeds. Far more than the number of cat breeds

Theis is a discussion on why there are many more dog breeds than cat breeds. It is about the differences in dog and cat domestication and trainability. I’m presenting the information in bullet form. The grey wolf was domesticated perhaps up to about 20,000 years before the North African wildcat was domesticated. Therefore, the …

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