If you believe that a black cat brings good luck this is why

Black cats bring good luck for some. I explain the origins of this belief

To be candid, the superstitions surrounding the black cat are numerous and they either say that they bring bad or good luck in about equal numbers. That’s the power of superstition. Completely irrational but understandable. It is only the human who can harbour these strange beliefs. However, if you believe that black cats bring …

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Medieval era domestic cats could not be fed or petted by dining owners

medieval era eating - cats not allowed in dining room when eating or fed by hand

In England in the fifteenth century the social etiquette manual of life insisted that domestic cats should not wander around the dining room and be fed by hand from the dining table or petted. I wonder if that attitude is the reason why a lot of people today – over 1,000 years later – …

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Medieval domestic cat monetary value (infographic)

Medieval times domestic cat value

In medieval times a labourer earned 2 pence per day. That’s about £300 in today’s money. An adult cat mouser was worth about 4 pence or two day’s wages. In today’s money: around £600. This is for a standard moggie. The value is not hugely dissimilar to that of purebred cats today at about …

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