Are black cats haram?

Black cat in a mosque

The question in the title concerns Muslims and the word ‘haram’ means forbidden. The question, therefore, is asking whether a Muslim can be the owner and caregiver of a black cat as per the rules of the Quran. And the answer is yes, Muslims can own black cats and live with them because a …

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If you believe that a black cat brings good luck this is why

Black cats bring good luck for some. I explain the origins of this belief

To be candid, the superstitions surrounding the black cat are numerous and they either say that they bring bad or good luck in about equal numbers. That’s the power of superstition. Completely irrational but understandable. It is only the human who can harbour these strange beliefs. However, if you believe that black cats bring …

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Indonesia – cat superstition

Indonesia cat superstition

This is a continuation of cat superstitions around the world. I am pleasantly surprised to discover only one cat superstition in Indonesia although they have many. It is labelled as “Pamali” according to a contributor to the website. Pamali is also an Indonesian folklore horror game! And this helpful Indonesian woman lists many …

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Mummified walled up cats for sale on ebay. Is this ethical?

Mummified walled up cat

At the time of this post there are two mummified cats for sale on ebay. One is described as a “MUMMIFIED WITCH’S CAT – WALLED UP – GAFF 18th CENTURY” and the other as a “Real Rare Mummified Cat With Rat And 2 Mice From The Haunted Museum”. A third on offer appears to …

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Superstition, Witchcraft and Cat Familiars are Alive and Well in Nevada

A cat killer

Judging by their attitude, behaviour and education, this couple are living in the Dark Ages in Europe. The last person hanged for witchcraft in America was in 1692. Fast forward to 2017 and this couple, one an adult named Immanuel Church (left in picture above) and a girl, Denise Eddines, have confessed to believing …

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