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White cat with amputated ears

What is solar dermatitis in cats?

In cats, solar dermatitis is a recurrent skin disease caused by exposure to sunlight leading to sunburn. It is most often seen in white cats or cats with white noses and white ears. It...

White cat with amputated ears because of cancer

How rare are white cats?

About 3 percent of cats are white. However, the question needs to apply to domestic and stray cats outside of the pedigree cat population. This is because cat breeders sometimes selectively breed white cat,...

Black cat with blue eyes

5 facts about blue-eyed domestic cats

People ask the following questions about blue-eyed cats: Are blue-eyed cat deaf? Are blue-eyed cats blind? Are blue-eyed cats rare? Are blue-eyed cats more sensitive to light? Are blue-eyed cats more expensive? These are...

White cat with amputated ears because of cancer

Can you use suncream on cats?

This is a problematic area. You can use suncream on cats but you have to be careful about how it is used. In general, domestic cats like to lie in the sun. Cats with...

Deaf Fabulous White Maine Coon Show Cat

Why are domestic cats white?

The question effectively asks why cats are white all over. It is because they have a dominant gene symbolised by the letter W which removes pigment from the hair strands. It does this by...

Albino bobcat hunted to death in America

Can bobcats be white?

Yes, bobcats can be white because they can be albino and albino bobcats are all-white. Albinism is different to white cats caused by the dominant white gene. An albino individual has a congenital absence...

White puma

Can pumas be white?

In 2020, there is no evidence that pumas can be white but this may change in the future.

White cat in the snow

Do white cats feel the cold more?

White cats shouldn’t feel the cold more on dull, grey winter days but they may be slightly colder than other cats with darker coats in cold, bright weather (the sun is out) when they...

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