The ETHICS of pet freeze-drying

Freeze-drying your pet

Nobody discusses this topic! No even Psychology Today. There is quite a lot on the internet about freeze-drying your pet but nothing on the more important topic of whether it is ethical. So, what is frieze-drying your pet? Freeze-drying stops the decaying process by using a combination of very low temperature and vacuum application …

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Unsophisticated Aussies and Kiwis turn their pets into rugs and it’s disgusting

Taxidermist auctions off his domestic and farm cat pelts

I have noticed, today, a few articles on online news media about taxidermists creating rugs out of domestic cats and dogs. It’s obviously disgusting. It is obviously self-indulgent. It obviously highlights a human weakness about death and being separated from their loved ones. And finally, it highlights a failure in the domestication of cats …

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