Are all domestic cats tabbies?

Stunning black mackerel tabby male cat

When you look at domestic cats today, you see a very wide range of coat types and colours. You would be deceived into believing that all domestic cats are not tabbies but technically they are. It seems that tabby cats are only one part of the wide spectrum of coat types but genetically the …

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What is a patched tabby?

Torbie cat

People search Google for a response to the question: ‘What is a patched tabby?’. The answer is that a patched tabby is a two-toned tabby. Alternative names are, ‘tortoiseshell tabby’ or ‘torbie’ (a mix of the words ‘tortoiseshell’ and ‘tabby’). So a patched tabby is a torbie. Click on the link below if you’d …

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Difference between Torbie and Tortie

‘Tortie’ is short for tortoiseshell. ‘Torbie’ is a made up word which joins together ‘tortie’ and ‘tabby’ (the second ‘t’ becomes a ‘b’). It describes a cat coat which is tortoiseshell with tabby fur mixed in. There is an endless spectrum of combinations, some very subtle. It can be tricky deciding if a cat …

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World’s most extraordinary cat coat pattern?

I believe that Zoe has perhaps the most outstanding cat coat pattern I have ever seen and I have seen tens of thousands. I believe Zoe is a torbie which means tortoiseshell with a tabby pattern mixed in. You can see a faint “M” on the forehead. I know the flashlight has lightened the …

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