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Three domestic cats infected with bovine tuberculosis through eating raw cat food — 7 Comments

  1. Although your post is from Oct 2018, there are several updates (more cats and humans now, infected) – You’re talking about the raw food that was pretty much proven to cause the M. bovis (the University of Edinburgh did all the testing, followup on the original cases, and likely still is testing more and more cats). See, what you don’t understand is what is caused rule-outs. The authors/vets who published the report on the first 6 cases and Edinburgh took exhaustive histories of those cats and there was one, and only one, factor that every single cat shared – they were all fed Natural Instincts Wild Venison raw cat food. All cats were indoors-only (ruling out conflicts with wildlife/transmission). All were fed this crap food since kitten-hood (yes, every single one). All had the same classic symptoms of M. bovis and lab alterations. 5 of the 6 unfortunately died. Seven more cats were tested and diagnosed as they were sharing the same households and eating the same food. All tested positive. More cats have been infected, and two humans have been infected – more are infected every month. Once you are spooning out contaminated raw food onto your counters, washing dishes in the sink, and spreading contamination all over the premises, it is already an environmental hazard. M. bovis can take days, months or YEARS to manifest symptoms, by then it is challenging to diagnose effectively and treat effectively – relapses from treatment are common and sadly, not all of these poor cats survive.

    You should know that it was found that Natural Instincts did not perform quality control on their premises, the food, the supply. You want to harp on pet food manufacturers, Natural Instincts deserves a multi-million dollar lawsuit, forfeit and seizure due to their blatant disregard for pets and their safety. They downplayed it by providing skewed facts on their website and basically deny any culpability.

    Raw isn’t and never has been better than any other cat food. As a matter of fact, there is a 100% chance that it contains one or more nasty pathogens, and you will never be able to identify it. Freezing does not kill these pathogens, it only slows the growth and proliferation, and once thawed, there you have it, more growth, more spread, more deadly contamination for cats and humans alike.

    I loathe people who foolishly think that raw/”natural” is what is best for cats. There are thousands of published research papers to prove to you people that raw meat and other raw ingredients are anything but safe. Get educated, your cats deserve better.


  2. This is a segue. Could we also talk about Toxoplasma gondii? It seems that this single-celled parasite is capable of equipping mice with the ability to not fear domestic felines. Thanks.

  3. This is very pertinent to me. I wish we knew which companies manufactured the prepared raw diets. One of my FIV+ cats thrives on a commercially prepared raw diet. It has calmed his food obsession and reduced his fear aggression. I am concerned that Jet may be vulnerable to this infection.

    As in humans, I believe that long term antibiotic therapy may work to save an infected cat. However, TB is nasty, tricky and can turn up in any part of the mammalian body. Drug therapy may also be less effective due to antibiotic resistance.

    Thank you for alerting us to this threat.

    I had no idea that meat infected with Bovine TB was legally sold both for human and companion animal consumption.

    I am not surprised though, the pet food industry is secretive, dishonest & all about profit, not welfare.

    Monday morning, the well known company that supplies the prepared raw diet, will be getting a phone call, I hope they can provide some written reassurance or guarantees that their product

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