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Australia is killing all their feral cats and now they have a mouse plague — 14 Comments

  1. First cats may be part of the current ecosystem but not the natural ecosystem of Australian.

    Ferial cats are an invasive species that are wiping out the native wildlife; therefore, the nonnative ferial cats could be the cause of the mouse plague.

    Ferial cat also spread Toxoplasmosis like a wildfire in mouse populations and mice without fear and lowered inhabitation breed like crazy, and the ferial cats that will do not eat them until they die of Toxoplasmosis; therefore, again another possible cause to mouse plague.

    Ferial cats are also the Komodo Dragons of domesticated animals their scratches and bites send countless people to the hospital and cemetery, not another cause for the mouse plague but an additional reason to eliminate the ferial cats.

    Therefor someone with no knowledge on invasive species should not be writing articles on situation that they are obviously clueless about.

    • Bollocks! Not one thing you spout is true Forepaws. Your post is the most ignorant thing I have ever read about feral cats. You are a ignoramus and a invasive human species.
      Humans in Australia kill more wildlife than feral cats, like police bludgeoning to death a wombat running away and claimed it was Aboriginal heritage. Or the rancher who bulldozed threes for cattle and killing nearly 100 chlamydia free koalas or what about the teens who ran down a dozen emu’s or the men who ran down kangaroos and laughed.
      You need to do your research before you accuse someone else of being clueless.

      • True humans are a much worse invasive species, that is no excuse to leave this devastating invasive species in Australia, it would be like not trying to remove the cane toads rabbits from Australia.
        I do have a person first hand knowledge of Toxoplasmosis and done a lot of researched into it for that reason.
        If wikipedia is your primary source of knowledge that explain your the ignoramus statement and to stoop to your level all I can say to that is “I’m Rubber, Your Glue what you say to me bounces off and sticks to you”.

        • Re, your first paragraph; yes, but the best way to deal with a problem is to tackle the cause that will have the biggest beneficial effect first which means curbing human excesses before dealing with feral cats. That is all I am saying.

          • Like I said, your correct culling the human population would be the best solution, but unfortunately that is completely illegal (even the really stupid one), the best we can do now is reduce the invasive species it is legal to do.

  2. And now we have a mouse plague that has nothing to do with the culling of feral cats. Please point me to one credible source that says the feral cat cull was responsible for this outbreak? I’ve researched it thoroughly, and cats (or the lack of them) are not to blame.

    • I am not saying that the culling feral cats has produced this mouse plague. I’m just saying that when you remove from the ecosystem feral cats you are inclined to end up with problems such as this one. The Australian feral cat is part of the ecosystem, firmly entrenched. And what I am also saying is that Australians should use semi-feral cats constructively to help dampen down the plague. And I would also argue that if Australians were successful in totally eradicating all feral cats from the continent, then there would be rodent problems in the place of feral cats.

      • cats aren’t part of the Australian ecosystem. they’re an invasive species that has been destroying the ecosystem and this is why they’re being killed off.

  3. In reference to the title: ROFLMAO! 不不不不不

    Australia, rethink the rat poison! Once the mice start dying from the poison, NOTHING will eat the carcasses! This is true for two (2) reasons:
    1) Very rarely will a predator eat anything it didn’t kill.
    2) The animals that WILL eat mice can tell that it died from unnatural causes and will avoid the dead body.
    I know from personal experience. I found the dehydrated, almost paper thin, body of a squirrel in my yard near the property line. The neighbor poisoned it years before and NOTHING ate it.

    The best part?
    You will be stuck with the expensive task of removing the dead mice/rats. Think of the stench and diseases this will bring. Granted, some of them will die in plain sight. The rest will hide, and their bodies will rot before they are found. Not too healthy for you or your children!

    Practice TNR and relocate ALL the feral cats to the rat-infested areas. The cats won’t multiply, and the mice will die. That quickly solves both problems at the same time.

    • You wake up Cat’s Meow using a invasive species to take care of another invasive species never works just ask the old lady that swallowed a fly.

      • OMG that’s a child nursery rhyme.
        Encyclopaedia Britannica. (Accessed 2018, June 1). Black Death. Retrieved from https://www.britannica.com/event/Black-Death; In the Middle Ages, devil-fearing Christians killed cats, which carried the unintended consequence of increasing the rat population and the spread of the Black Death. https://museumhack.com/black-cats-black-death/
        So go ahead and kill all the feral cats in Australia and their population can die of the black death! Killing cats leads to explosions in rats and mice population. History does not lie but people do. Some provinces in Australia it’s illegal to trap, neuter, release which is the most ignorant thing I’ve ever read! Irresponsible POS owners who throw their cat away is the problem. Humans always pointing the finger at anything but themselves!

        • You may want to review the explosions in rats and mice population in Australia, even with the feral cats, considering the diseases that cats carry in some ways they can be worse then the mice and rats.
          Feral cats are not the great mouser people imagen. The native snakes, retiles and birds that are the main victims of ferial cats would be do much better at controlling Australia’s Mice and rat situation. I agree spade and release is a good plan young cats are also a preferred pray of feral cats, but complete elimination of cats from this non-native environment is the best solution.

    • Excuse me many birds eat living and or dead mice and rats. Vultures and hyenas and dingo’s will just about eat anything that’s dead or dying.

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