Cat avoided parasite in tap water by drinking rainwater but many fell ill

Cryptosporidium parasite contaminated tap water in Devon

NEWS AND COMMENT: This is a big story in the UK and it concerns the quality of drinking water. The back story to this, by the way, is that in the UK there is a crisis among the water companies particularly Thames Water which have been discharging sewage into water courses, lakes and rivers …

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Hundreds of cats poisoned by manufacturer’s cat food in South Korea??

Are hundreds of domestic cats being poisoned by commercial prepared cat food in South Korea??

In South Korea, a spate of mysterious cat deaths has sparked tension between pet owners and authorities. The owners doubt the innocence of the pet food initially blamed for the fatalities. This story mirrors another in America about which I recently reported: Troubling conspiracy theory about Purina pet food poisoning cats and dogs in …

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Troubling conspiracy theory about Purina pet food poisoning cats and dogs in US

Dr Judy on video on her YouTube channel talking about this pet food problem

This is a confusing story. Some mainline news media outlets are carrying the story that, in America, Purina pet food and indeed pet food from other manufacturers is, it seems, poisoning pets but they can’t pin down which particular pet food is responsible. As mentioned, Purina appears to come up as the main culprit …

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Cat fell into vat of hexavalent chromium in Japan which is carcinogenic

Hexavalent chromium is carcinogenic and can cause skin irritation and blindness

NEWS AND COMMENT: This news story from Japan once again polarises opinion between animal advocates and the authorities. Residents in Japan have had been warned to steer clear of a poor, stray cat, perhaps a domestic cat, who fell into a commercial vat of hexavalent chromium at the Nomura Plating Factory near Hiroshima. It …

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Extreme Mother’s Day danger if she has a cat and you gift flowers

A gift of lilies on Mother's Day can prove fatal to mom's cat if she lives with one

This is a rather predictable warning about the forthcoming Mother’s Day on Sunday 10th March 2024 but necessary nonetheless. It is a day when family members might give mum (mom in the US) some flowers and most of the world now knows that: I searched for flower varieties to give to mums on Mother’s …

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Here’s why you should wear surgical gloves when applying cat flea treatments

Wear surgical gloves to apply cat flea spot on treatments to protect nature

This is a short post to drive a point home about the toxicity of cat flea treatments, the most common of which are the spot-on treatments in which a drop of an insecticide is placed on the cat’s skin between the shoulder blades where the cat can’t get at it. This preventative treatment is …

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Cat flea treatment insecticides are poisoning aquatic life in rivers

and imidacloprid insecticides from cat spot-on treatments are entering rivers from washing hands embedding of pets and poisoning aquatic life in those rivers.

NEWS AND OPINION: It’s remarkable to report that insecticides such as for fipronil and imidacloprid in cat and dog spot on flea treatments are getting into rivers and watercourses in the UK after the pets’ owners wash their hands or they wash bedding and other products which have come into contact with the companion …

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