Can a BB gun kill a cat?

It is sickinening for me that people are asking Google whether a BB gun can kill a cat. When people use the Internet to search for answers to questions like this it indicates a profound problem in society. My message to anyone who has asked the question with the intention of shooting a cat: DON’T DO IT. IT IS CRIME AND IT IS DAMNED CRUEL. YOU’LL BE BEHAVING HIGHLY IMMORALLY. REFLECT ON IT. LOOK YOURSELF IN THE MIRROR AND ASK WHY YOU WANT TO DO IT. People who start off like this are possibly on the path to violence against people.

It is blatantly obvious that a BB gun CAN kill a cat (although it might not) or a bird or a rabbit or a fox or a pigeon or a rat. I just don’t think people should be asking the question in the title.

Tampa, Florida

The reason why I am writing an article about this is because there is a story in the online news media about multiple cat killings with a BB gun in a Tampa, Florida neighbourhood. The report comes from the Humane Society of Tampa Bay who said that several cats have died after being shot with a BB gun. The Humane Society rescued a 3-month-old cat after she had been shot with a BB gun. It had caused an infection around the wound.

Cat shot with BB gun who was euthanised as her insides were septic
Cat shot with BB gun who was euthanised as her insides were septic. Photo: Humane Society.
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The cat was treated by a veterinarian who inserted a drain and an x-ray showed a BB pellet in the kitten’s thigh. The veterinarian “opened her up” and discovered that her “entire insides were completely septic”. She was euthanised. So that, regrettably, answers the question in the title. I would add that there must be a good chance of survival for a cat shot with a BB gun. That doesn’t, of course, change any assessment that one has about the criminality of shooting cats with a BB gun.

It is as sure as hell a crime, certainly in America and Britain and EU countries, and if the person is caught (which is probably unlikely) they could be charged with a felony (serious crime) under the animal cruelty and welfare laws of the country concerned.

The Humane Society believe that several cats have suffered this type of abuse in Tampa. It may be 6 or 7 they say. The Humane Society is in no doubt that somebody is shooting cats deliberately for their amusement. It is highly disturbing behaviour but regrettably it is not untypical and it is very hard to find these people.

Anyone with information could please call Animal Control at 813-744-5660.

BB guns: air guns designed to fire metallic ball projectiles called BBs which are approximately the same size as BB size lead birdshot — 0.180 inches.

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  1. Please tell me why I have to keep my dog on a leash at my apartment complex while an overflowing stray cat population can roam and crap here with immunity? The local animal control dept. won’t take cats humanely trapped in cages.
    I would appreciate a logical response to this message.


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