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Cat of the week: the largest Maine Coon I have seen — 47 Comments

  1. Hey Michael,

    Usually we compare eyes of a women & cat. The cat always wins but this time cat looses the contest. Who is she ? I would like to be her friend lol 🙂

  2. This stunning Maine Coon isn’t an American bred one. The large muzzle and stronger head shape is favoured by breeders in Eastern European countries. His name is Mozart SolarSong & Nice Voice and he’s from Russia.


    Here’s a clip of him as a kitten on Youtube;


    Search on-line for Maine Coon breeders in Eastern Europe and you’ll see a distinct difference with the ones bred in the US.

    • Hi Michele. The reason why your post was held for moderation is because there were links in it and anti-spam software sees that sort of comment as potential spam.

      Thanks for your research on this. Interesting. I does not surprise me that this cat is Russian. Russians do breed to extreme like some Americans. Their British SHs are a bit weird with large cheeks for example.

      • No problem about the delay with moderation Michael. I wasn’t sure if the off site links would be ok, but I thought others might like to see more of Mozart and other cats from the same breeder.

        Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I find the different global interpretations of the breed “ideal” interesting. There are a few US breeders importing Maine Coon’s from Polish catteries as their look is finding favour with people who consider this “wilder” looking MC more attractive. Whether they will gain widespread popularity or win US cat shows remains to be seen.

    • I am not surprised you want one! Search online for a Maine Coon breeder and then visit the place. If you live outside of the USA some breeders ship internationally. However, not every Maine Coon is this large. Really, this cat is exceptional. Most Maine Coons are larger than average but their size can tend to be exaggerated. Good luck.

  3. mazing black maine coon he is lovely .the best cats to have. if you like a big cat. l have to maine coon a tabby with white . I went to a cat show the weekend with her she won her grand champion class .the other maine coon is a tortie and white. they love to be with you all the time.

  4. I just can’t get over those ears!! He is such a big handsome boy! Here is my Ozzie who is big but I think he would have been bigger had the Calichi not taken hold of him as an adolescent cat.

  5. He is just beautiful. I have never seen ears like that. His Mom is truly lucky to have him. He is very special. I had a 16 pound Maine Coon all black with double paws on all fours, and he was the love of my life. He was such a sweet lover boy and he graced my presence for 17 years. There is nothing like the Maine Coon personality.

      • kidding ? have you ever seen a adult male Eurasian lynx?His body is 4 ft long and if he stands up he reached 6ft or something . And he could kill a single wolf easily. So.. let’s not exaggerate here.

        • Well, the Eurasian lynx is the largest of the lynx cats and the female weights around 40 lbs.

          The Canada lynx weighs around 24 lbs. I was thinking more along the lines of N. American lynx because the Maine Coon mentioned is an American cat. I was comparing cats in the same geographic location.

          The Maine Coon in the picture probably weight around 25+lbs. So I think I made a fair comment.

          • the Eurasian lynx would decapitate this oversized domestic fellow with one strike of his formidable paw 🙂 In the old times , when the Eurasian lynx still existed in this country, the villagers were saying that in the winter when it was difficult to find food, the lynx would climb up on a tree and wait for a lone wolf to pass by, and then he would jump on the wolf and kill him and eat him.

              • And if a male eurasian lynx fights with a female leopard i wouldn’t be too sure for the outcome of the fight. You must take some siberian lynx and let them loose in the american wilderness 🙂

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