Silvervine is non-addictive and safe for cats to enjoy

Cat reacts to silvervine

Until a recent study was published by a group of Japanese researchers led by biochemistry Professor Masao Miyazaki of Iwate University’s Faculty of Agriculture, there was no hard evidence that silvervine (matatabi) was safe and non-addictive to domestic cats. Although the general consensus was that it is a safe and a mild hallucinogenic which …

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Is catnip okay for kittens?

The active agent in catnip

Yes, catnip is okay for kittens but Dr Desmond Morris writes in his book Cat World that, “Young kittens do not show the response. For the first two months of life all kittens avoid catnip, and the positive response does not appear until they are three months old”. Has your kitten responded contrary to …

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Is catnip safe for kittens?

Tiger on catnip

Is catnip safe for kittens? There is no evidence to suggest that catnip is in anyway harmful to the brain of cats, either kittens or adults. I take that conclusion from books that I have and from the internet. The respected book ‘Cat Owner’s Veterinary Handbook‘ says on page 222 (3rd edition) that ‘Young …

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Crackhead cat sprawls into a pile of catnip and eats it

Crackhead ginger tabby cat slides into pile of catnip

Crackhead: a person who habitually takes or is addicted to crack cocaine. For cats it means to really enjoy catnip. This large ginger tabby certainly falls into this category as he slides down over a pile of the stuff and starts to eat it. [weaver_widget_area id=’in_page_adsense’ class=’alt-class’ style=’inline-style’] CLICK THIS LINK TO SEE A …

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