Surge in pet advert scams online in the UK

Animal scams online

In the UK, fraudsters are advertising non-existing pets on social media for sale and this is just one tiny aspect of the burgeoning expansion of crime in the UK where the police are sitting on their hands doing nowhere near enough about it. For example, just 6% of burglaries are solved by police in …

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Infographic on scammer extorting money from owner of lost dog

Lost pet scammers infographic

The Times newspaper has a full report on what is a worrying development in the UK and perhaps in other countries. Although it must be said, in my opinion, Britain has become “Scammers’ Treasure Island”. Scammers, fraudsters and extorters of all persuasions are running amok in the UK, doing whatever they want because the …

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Companion animal online selling fraud is on the rise in the US


Be aware of scammers selling companion dogs and cats online. The Better Business Bureau Scam Tracker which you can see by clicking here, tell us that there has been a substantial increase in fraudulent behaviour by scammers in America selling pets online. The number of complaints to the Better Business Bureau (BBB) Scam Tracker …

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